5 Ways to get back on track to lose weight

5 Ways to get back on track

5 Ways to get back on track to lose weight, after the summer is a very simple formula that works really well! This is what I practise myself, when I struggle to get back on track. You are probably sitting reading this, and you are hoping to read the MAGIC words! Sadly not! The reality is, there is no ‘abracadabra’ when it comes to weight loss. My strong advice is to keep it simple and ditch the guilt!

Best day to lose weight

What are 5 ways to lose weight?


When you are struggling with your weight and finding it very difficult to get motivated to start, these are my top 5 tips I advise anyone to follow. Being overweight, not fitting into clothes, feeling depressed and deeply hurt at nasty comments, can have lifelong implications on a person’s morale. The motivation to get started on a healthy eating plan is deep down in us all, but we use so many excuses to avoid getting started. Delaying tactics like a forth-coming weekend away or visitors are arriving are common to most of us. The inner voice making empty promises about starting next week!

1st tip to get back on track

What is the best day to start a diet to lose weight?


1 Well, here is my 1st TIP for you, START TODAY: don’t put it off until tomorrow! Don’t put it off until next Monday, because you know what – next Monday will come and there will be another excuse.  Oh, I have to wait, there’s a birthday, there’s a weekend:away! We plan to go on holidays! Start today, get one day over, get it under your belt. Think of how good you are going to feel by the time your holidays start! Make that decision and be determined, because the birthday or the holidays will come and go, and you will still be struggling to get started. It is not to say that you cannot still go out and enjoy yourself, so start today, get yourself into a healthier frame of mind.

Start today to get back on track

What is a healthy shopping list?


Slim R Us 2nd tip

2 My 2nd TIP is about when you go out SHOPPING? Why are you torturing yourself in the biscuit aisle or the crisp’s aisle, where these things that you just cannot control are? You know you cannot control them, because in your head, you are saying to yourself, the visitors might be coming, I better have something in!

Shopping list to get back on track

Oh, the children need a treat, whispers the inner voice. Buy the treats for the children because it is not to say the children can’t have their treats, but buy items that you don’t particularly like! Perhaps now is the time to really consider what treats you are buying for your family. Is it time to consider that you may be leading your family down the road you are currently on?

That’s really the secret, because if you cannot get your snacking under control, you’re going to reach for whatever is there. Whatever is the handiest, and you’ve told yourself that this is for the children. Deep down in your heart and soul, you know it is for you. I know I’ve been there. It has happened to me!

The best way to lose weight is to keep it simple
Plan to succeed by planning your store cupboard ingredients.

Weight loss and hunger


3rd tip to get back on track


3 My 3rd TIP today would be to only EAT WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY. We have got into such a habit of snacking for no reason, grazing for no reason, we’re just sitting there constantly and continuously eating. Without even realizing what we’re nibbling on, while sitting at the television having a cup of tea, our mouth is moving!. Having a biscuit that turns into half a pack of biscuits without even thinking about it, happens really quickly.

Eat when you are hungry to lose weight

Eat when you’re hungry, and that is not to say you cannot have any snacks. Of course you can, but make SMART CHOICES when you sit down to snack. Think about fruit instead of crisps, think of making sugar-free jellies and sugar-free souffle. There are so many recipes to choose from on the Slim R Us website and very often in these blogs.

At the end of  the Vlogs, you will see video demonstration recipes on the Slim R Us YouTube channel. There is a video link at the end of this.5 tips to lose weight when I can't get started

Should I make a weight loss plan?

4th Tip to lose weight in Slim R Us

4 My 4TH TIP and I couldn’t decide whether it should be my first tip, but it is so important Plan Plan Plan Plan. These 5 ways to get back on track are about keeping it as simple as possible. Planning ahead is absolutely crucial when you are trying to get back on track.

Have a Plan to lose weight

If you don’t plan ahead, if you don’t have a good shopping list, and trust me if you are hungry, and you do not have good quality healthy food in the press to cook you will reach for the treats you hid from the family!  PLANNING is really important, sitting down and writing out the shopping list that you will stick to when you go in to the supermarket.

Can portion control help lose weight?


Slim R Us 5th tip to lose weight


5.PORTION CONTROL. This is the last of my 5 ways to get back on track. It is a huge factor with a Slim R Us menu plan, and it is very simple to follow. Fill your plate with vegetables. Fill it every single time with vegetables, it is so important, fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables, whatever kind of vegetables that you can get on the plate.

Portion control to lose weight

Portion control is part of the real success of what Slim R Us is about. Tap into OUR STORIES and read the words of clients who have been so successful with their weight loss.

Every pound counts

The dripping tap is one of the most commonly used phrases in Slim R Us. Imagine all those ounces, pounds and stones adding up! The Vlogs are now on the Slim R Us YouTube channel, and I would love if you would like and subscribe to the channel. Share and tell your friends about it. 

Every pound of weight loss counts and adds up
Every pound of weight loss counts

As a Registered General Nurse, I love sitting with my clients, whether you are an online member or whether you come to see me privately. Our informal chats are there to support and help you on your weight loss journey!

I was almost 21 stone. I was overweight, all my life and I absolutely know and understand the difficulty, the hurt, the depression, everything that goes along with being overweight and having weight issues.

Online Weight Loss


As an online client you will get a one2one private Zoom conference with me every single month and very often a lot of my clients need more than one consultation. That’s all included, and until the end of August there is a very special offer in our offers bundles for less than the price of a cup of coffee in a restaurant.  6 MONTHS MEMBERSHIP of Slim R Us online from as little as €3.75 per week. This is all going to change in September. It is only available until the end of August.

So if you want to get back on track, if you want to lose some weight, join me online or in-house at this link – book a consultation  This week’s recipe of the week is Baked Fish with Tomato. I hope you enjoy it! 

Baked Fish with tomato recipe

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