Alcohol and Binge Eating after a night out?

Binge eating after too much alcohol can last for days

Will binge-eating ruin my diet after alcohol?

How does having too much alcohol affect your diet? Well, first, the real issue is: it leads to poor food choices, and it gives you a false appetite. There is no nutritional benefit, much as you would like to convince yourself that there is, especially when you’ve had a couple!

Why can I not stop eating and snacking?


So why is it that the following day and the subsequent following days, that you just can’t seem to get back on track or that you can’t seem to stop eating? Do you try to blame other factors in your life? Perhaps your job is stressful, or are you blaming a weight gain on the menopause, an injury, or an illness? I was talking about the Slim R Us plan, the menu plan, to one of my clients. She is a farmer, and she turned around she said “Yes Karen” She said that reminds me of a calf. It doesn’t know it is hungry, until it hears the rattle of a bucket, and then it can’t stop eating!


How can I stop a sugar crave?


I thought that is so true! When you’re not hungry, and someone comes in and brings in the biscuits or brings in cakes or brings in crisps or nuts or whatever it is. Suddenly, you are, without even thinking you are now eating, and you just can’t seem to stop.  Because now it is feeding a crave, and that is the issue with alcohol.

I would recommend, if you are going out for a meal, perhaps have something light about two hours before you go out, because that means you can make better choices. Very often, when you’re sitting in a restaurant, you might have a pre-dinner drink. They say that an apéritif, a pre-dinner drink, will stimulate your appetite. The chances are, your appetite does not need stimulation.

How can I continue to lose weight?


What needs to happen is good choices when you’re looking at the menu. The following day, when you get up in the morning, don’t make the excuse. Be prepared in advance. If you know you are going out on Friday night for a one-off big occasion, if you’re going to a party or an event prepare in advance for the next day, have your breakfast in. Think about making an omelette, or something with protein.

That’s going to keep you full for the day. Have your store cupboard ingredients in. There are lots of recipes on the Slim R Us website. There are also video demonstrations on this YouTube channel. Also, on the Weight Loss Tips on the Slim R Us website, and these are free. You can subscribe for your Weight Loss Tips to be delivered each week.

How can  stop binge eating?


When I am talking about binge-eating, I am talking about binge-eating in relation to over indulging on alcohol on a night out. Therefore, to try and prevent a cycle of binge-eating, plan ahead, be prepared. That’s how you are successfully going to lose weight.

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