Arthritis pain and weight loss management

Arthritis pain and weight loss

Arthritis pain and weight loss are about as contradictory a statement as you will find! This subject is quite personal to me, as I have suffered from osteoarthritis for 40 years at this stage! The first time I saw a consultant was when I had my Mother in for a review, after her knee replacement surgery.

As Mothers do, she turned to the doctor and asked him if he could do anything about my knees! I was mortified, of course. In any event, he sent me for x-rays and later expressed his surprise at the extent of the damage. I was around 19 stones at that time. He advised that I should immediately make an effort to lose at least 4 stones, before he would consider surgery.

Does joint inflammation cause weight gain?


Does joint pain cause weight gain
Does joint pain cause weight gain?

It is amazing what motivates a person to lose weight! I was very lucky as the doctor was most understanding of the issues around exercise, making it particularly painful to get active. I recall him saying that for every 1 pound overweight a person is, that is the equivalent of 3 extra pounds of pressure on the knees.

How can I lose weight with arthritis pain?


Unfortunately, arthritis is irreversible and cartilage does not regrow. But management of pain is very important as that way, losing weight becomes achievable. Arthritis pain and weight loss can both be reduced and, in so doing, helps prevent further damage to those weight-bearing joints.


Fresh fruit is perfect for reducing inflamation
Melon and strawberries are known to have anti-inflammatory properties

The first thing to look at is the diet. It may be surprising to know that the Slim R Us way of life, the healthy eating plan, is the perfect answer for arthritis. A healthy balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, grains, protein, and low fat dairy. Most importantly, portion controlling, is the ideal weight loss management for arthritis.

Best foods to eat if you have arthritis pain.


At the very top of the list would be the foods that are high in Omega 3 fatty acids. Simply because these have a proven track record in having potent anti-inflammatory effects. Fatty fish such as salmon, sardines, trout and mackerel are ideal.

They don’t need to be coated in batter and deep fat fried! Salmon is perfect if it is poached or baked, as are any of the fish!

Salmon & Prawns are excellent foods for arthritis pain.

Garlic is recommended as a great champion of healthy benefits. Add it to everything from stir-fry to casseroles, sauces and gravy!

Ginger is up there at the top also with amazing healing properties, along with broccoli, spinach, berries and, grapes. In fact,  read the blog from a few weeks ago about Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  These very foods, with their anti-inflammatory properties, featured there also!

Arthritis and foods to avoid for weight loss


Some people would swear by the nightshade vegetables, as aggravating and increasing their pain and inflammation. But remember, everyone is different, and only individuals know what their particular trigger foods are. These vegetables commonly have the chemical Solanine in them, and that is widely believed to be the rascal that does the damage! The usual suspects are tomatoes, peppers, aubergine, and some would even suggest potatoes have an inflammatory reaction.

Add to that red meat, and some highly processed foods. Alcohol makes the list also. At the time of raising the glass, it may seem like a good idea and the pain is dulled, but trust me, it is very short-lived!

Joint replacement for arthritis


Thankfully, not everyone needs the drastic joint replacement as a therapy. A healthier lifestyle with a balanced diet can adequately manage symptoms. As I type, I am recovering from my 4th knee surgery, four weeks ago, which is kind of amusing given that I only have 2 knees! Partial knee replacements 15 years ago have both been revised to full knee replacements. It is a hugely successful surgery, but following the physiotherapist’s advice is crucial in making a full recovery.

After my first surgery all those years ago, I quickly regained a lot of the weight I lost. I was so disappointed with myself, and I expressed that to the surgeon. It was more in hope of a rare side effect rather than my chocolate fondness! He reassured me that it is quite common with joint replacement. Yes, he said, patients are now able to go to the biscuit jar pain free, and more often!

Lesson learned!

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Here is a delicious recipe this week and I hope you enjoy making it.

Omelette is a perfect dish when suffering from arthritis pain

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