Back-to-School 2022

It's back to school 2022

Back-to-school 2022 is almost upon us! It’s hard to believe it is the end of August 2022 and the summer holidays are almost over! Back-to-School season is synonymous with weight loss. Mainly because it’s associated with routine. It could equally be called the planning and preparation season! This is because a lot of people are getting ready for back to school, getting the children their uniforms, their school books, and their school bags sorted. There’s a lot of planning and organization that goes into that and for parents, especially during these tough economic times, it can be quite an expensive time as well.

The secrets to ultimate weight loss.

The back-to-school season to lose weight is to keep it simple
Plan to succeed by planning your store cupboard ingredients.

If there are such things as secrets to weight loss, then they are planning and the preparation. Successful weight loss with Slim R Us clients who have amazing stories all agree their planning and preparation is crucial to their success. Planning ahead, preparing and thinking about what is in the store cupboard?  What ingredients have you got, and what is in your freezer? Check the refrigerator, and decide to cook for children’s school lunches. What to put in their little school lunch boxes? These are all the things that everybody thinks of as Back-to-School season approaches, so planning is really important.

Does positivity help weight loss?

How can I be happy as I am losing weight
Happiness is – Healthy weight loss

I used to be that size. This was me. I was described by a physician as having gross morbid obesity. Sounds horrible, but the truth! I weighed almost 21 stones, and to be inspired to lose weight actually came from losing weight. It sounds  a little strange. But when you start losing weight, the motivation that you get from seeing your weight loss, from seeing the pounds drop off week by week is amazing. Did you know that, even one pound loss per week, is the equivalent of almost four stones of weight loss in a year? As weight decreases, positive thoughts increase, which in turn increases motivation and indeed energy levels. The mind is a very powerful tool in the war against obesity.

Back-to-School season for weight loss

Everyone agrees, planning is a big part of weight loss preparation. No, you don’t have to think about what you are going to cook in two months time. It’s just very simple planning when you go to the supermarket to do your shopping, just like people are doing now for children’s school books and, uniforms.  Think about when you go into the supermarket. What are you doing? Are you loitering in the biscuit aisle? Are you saying to yourself?  I better have this in for the children, or for unexpected visitors.

Plan healthy shopping food lists during the back-to-school season
A treat is only a treat – when it is a treat.

Deep down in your heart and soul, you know who the biscuits are for. Do you hide them when you come home – telling yourself or trying to convince yourself that you don’t want the children to eat them all at the one time? The only person in the house who know where the treats are is you. Subconsciously, you are preparing a fall back when the crave hits.

What is a healthy lifestyle?

So planning is about making a shopping list and trying to stick to it. A healthy lifestyle is enjoying nutritious balanced meals, combined with exercise. This also includes treats because being healthy and enjoying the lifestyle is about moderation. I know you have to buy in treats for  children, for  family, and that is realistic. However, when you are trying to lose weight, perhaps avoid the treats you love, if you cannot control how much you eat.

What should my daily intake of calories be?

I don’t count calories. I count in terms of  quality on the plate.  Not all calories are created equal! Therefore,  a healthy, balanced shopping list is what really counts. For example, a boiled egg has approximately 150 calories. Compare that to 100 calories in just one chocolate biscuit, which is usually generous in its fat content and little or no protein.

The Back-to-School 2022 season is a learning process when we want to lose weight. Make smart choices when it comes to shopping, are one of my 5 ways to get back on track to lose weight and be focused on what you really need. At the beginning of the summer, I  bought in some fresh herbs,  with great intentions, but I wasn’t going to use them all. Simply get all the leftover fresh herbs and put them on a baking sheet,  and pop it into the oven. Be economical and do this while you are already using the oven.  Keep an eye on it because they burn very quickly and let them dry out. Scrunch them up and place in an airtight container.  Instant fresh herbs ready to use whenever you want to enhance the flavour of your meals.

Lunch box ideas for back-to-school weight loss

Cajun Chicken Salad for a healthy lunch in the Back-to-School season and lose weight
Cajun Chicken salad with Quinoa

Taste matters. When you are thinking about preparing lunch boxes, tasty healthy meals will motivate you to remain focused and determined. A simple burrito bowl with meat or fish (optional), rice, and beans doesn’t have to include bread. It is known as a naked burrito bowl, where you have a good serving of beans, rice, and vegetables.

Soups, as the winter approaches, make a filling and warm lunch. Easily prepared in advance and can be frozen.  Lentil vegetable soups is a great source of fibre. When vegetables are in season, bulk buy and blanch fresh vegetables. Then store in the freezer for whenever they go out of season. In season vegetables are at their absolute cheapest top quality. The link to the Slim R Us YouTube Vlog below includes a quick, simple rice dish that can be eaten hot or cold and makes an ideal lunch box.

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