Benefits of weight loss on mental health

Walking to enjoy the benefits of weight loss on mental health

Benefits of weight loss are startling and almost immediately felt by improved sleeping at night. It may be a pound or two of weight loss, but the effects of a healthier diet are easily noticeable.

The benefits of weight loss when you are struggling to get healthier

There are very few people who haven’t been told by their doctor to lose weight at some stage of their lives. Weight loss or a healthier balanced diet is recommended for so many conditions, such as heart disease, type two diabetes and indeed can reduce risks of other conditions such as lower back pain and high blood pressure.

The psychology of weight loss on our mental health has to be at the top of the list! There is no doubt, but there is a lot to gain from weight loss!

Making time for yourself


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The best way to lose weight is to keep it sim and enjoy the benefits on mental healthple

Good vibes from feeling lighter


Without doubt, I firmly believe the benefits of weight loss on mental health are unquantifiable. Mood swings which are a feature of overweight are gone. Resting better and getting a good night’s sleep improves overall well-being.  This taps into increased energy levels and help’s to focus on what’s important in life.

The energy you get from weight loss allowing you to get out for a walk, clearing the mind, getting fresh air and generally enjoying life again is incredible.

Gone is the day when you were angry and grumpy because you were so annoyed deep down, that you had allowed the weight to creep on.

Suddenly people are noticing how fantastic you look, and commenting on your amazing weight loss. I think nothing brings a smile to a face better than a lovely compliment.

Releasing happy endorphins.


For every one pound you are overweight, that is the equivalent of three pounds of pressure on weight-bearing joints, particularly the knees.  Weight loss reverses that equation! Imagine losing a stone of weight, and that is lifting three stones of pressure from your knees! It is not just mental health that feels the benefits of weight loss, so don’t delay in booking your personal consultation!

Love Donegal Walking for weight loss and brenefits on mental health


Shopping improves mood swings!


Where can you start? Should you wait until you have lost the desired amount of weight, or should you just go to the sales straight away? Would you buy something a little tighter to allow for that extra weight you intend to lose? Or do you get out the sewing machine and start adjusting clothes you already have in the wardrobe.

It all depends on how much you love shopping, of course! Then there’s a budget to consider. If you have lost a lot of weight, perhaps it is an entire new wardrobe you need?

I am far from a fashion guru, but as a nurse, I can attest to the great benefits of weight loss on mental health.

It’s all personal choice, but there is no better feeling than reaching for and fitting into smaller sizes!

Happiness is Tasty Food!


Most of us breathe a huge sigh when asked for lunch suggestions. Just be a little adventurous. Prawns are so easy to add. You can buy them pre-cooked or stir-fry them yourself.  The advantage to cooking them at home is that you can season as you wish.

Your FAQ about Before and after healthy choices in Slim R Us
Think Baked Potato!

If you have access to an oven or microwave, a baked potato with beans would be perfect! Don’t forget about pasta and rice salad dishes. Fill with delicious chopped vegetables and season nicely with your favourite dressing. These can range from a home-made salad dressing, a balsamic vinegar dressing, even green pesto sauce. Remember, when you are trying to lose weight, tasty food has to be a priority, otherwise you will get bored very quickly.

There are lots of tasty recipes to try in the member’s area. Happiness is – tasty food!  Some video recipes are also on the Slim R Us YouTube channel


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