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How to cook a healthy barbecue steak kebabs and lose weight

Searching for the best weight loss ideas

With the announcement of the end of lockdown, thought have turned to how best to celebrate, while searching for the best weight loss ideas. Oh, and before you go to sleep, have a look at this week's recipe - Barbecue! I know - it's raining! I am delighted to announce ...
Home made egg fried rice is made in minutes

How to lose weight without dieting is the question.

How to lose weight without dieting is the question most overweight people struggle with because food plays a huge role in their lives. Did you know that World Laughter Day is being celebrated today! Weight loss is a funny business, it can make you laugh and cry at the same ...
Frozen garden peas make the perfect mint pea salad in Slim R Us

How to make a Pea Salad in 2 easy steps.

How to make a pea salad in 2 easy steps is the best recipe for a tasty side dish. Many people struggle with how to make quick healthy snacks. This is one for a barbecue or a beach picnic. Frozen garden peas are the best ingredient. It's simply a matter ...
how to make plain noodles tasty for a picnic or a barbecue

How to make plain noodles taste better

How to make plain noodles taste better when you are planning a nice picnic and can be prepared in minutes, is demonstrated today. Noodles can be quite bland and need some form of seasoning to make them more palatable. They are more frequently used in and make a great addition ...
How to get back on track and lose weight

How to lose weight and get back on track.

How to get back on track and lose weight after eating a lot of chocolate over the Easter holidays, is not as difficult as you might think. A back to basics model of healthy eating, without the guilt of what has gone before is the secret to real success. There ...
Easter Holidays Slim R Us Starters Suggestions

Easter Holidays Starters Suggestions 2021

Delicious Avocado Salsa for a special meal Easter Holidays Starters Suggestions are plentiful and there are two great recipes today for you to think about! The days of going out for the special occasion on Easter Sunday have yet to return, but don't despair. Roast leg of lamb served with ...

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