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Struggling to lose weight

Struggling to lose weight despite diet and exercise

Struggling to lose weight can be very difficult to accept, particularly if it is despite following a healthy diet and exercising. There is no doubt there are circumstances which can be beyond your control, but for most people this theory doesn't apply. Sometimes you just have to take a step ...
Healthy Lunch Ideas

Healthy lunch ideas for weight loss and work

Healthy lunch ideas when you are trying to lose weight are probably the one thing that most people struggle with most. This week, I am sharing a few lunch suggestions, which I hope you will find helpful. Sandwiches are so easy to make and can be very tasty and filling, ...
How much walking should I do to lose weight

Walking for weight loss also improves your mood

Walking for weight loss is okay for those who really like walking. For others, it can be like a penance! Getting fresh air, smelling the flowers, waving to the neighbours is all very well, if your heart is in it. I recall hearing a sports psychologist giving advice in a ...
Celebrate you weight loss

Celebrate your weight loss on Independence Day

Celebrate your weight loss on Independence Day! Actually, every day is a day to celebrate weight loss. It doesn't have to involve parades and fireworks, though at times, it feels like it! I don't think any of my blogs have been entirely focussed on celebrating weight loss. I often talk ...
How many calories should I be eating to lose weight

Why am I gaining weight when I am eating less

Why am I gaining weight when I am eating less, is the most annoying part of weight loss that we all wonder about. It is so frustrating to be cutting back on our favourite foods,  going to the gym, walking mile after mile, doing Pilates and when it comes to ...
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Symptoms

Irritable Bowel Syndrome diet and weight loss

Irritable Bowel Syndrome diet and weight loss is very much dependent on each individual and their flares at a particular time. IBS, as it is more commonly known, is best diagnosed by your doctor to rule out other potential conditions that can mimic the symptoms. This is a digestive disorder ...

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