5 Tips for weight loss


5 Tips to lose weight from Slim R Us

5 Tips for weight loss

5 tips for weight loss, after the summer is a very simple formula that works really well! This is what I practise myself, when I struggle to get back on track. You are probably sitting reading this, and you are hoping to read the MAGIC words! Sadly not! The reality is, there is no ‘abracadabra’ […]

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It's back to school 2022

It’s back to school 2022

It’s back to school 2022 and it is hard to believe it is the end of August. The summer holidays are almost over! Back-to-School season is synonymous with weight loss. Mainly because it’s associated with routine. It could equally be called the planning and preparation season! This is because a lot of people are getting

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Update COVID-19

Following new government restrictions in Donegal tonight, this is an update for appointments for Private Consultations. Stay Safe. Wash your Hands. Keep your Distance. Wear your face covering. 💞

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