Christmas weight loss post pandemic!

Celebrate your Christmas weight loss

Christmas weight loss is what is on many people’s minds now. It is officially winter time as the clocks went back over the weekend. Our eyes are quickly turning towards the Christmas season. As we sit and enjoy this Bank Holiday today, spend some time planning your weight loss strategy with me!

How can you lose a stone by Christmas?

Well from today, it is exactly eight weeks until Christmas week and with Christmas falling at the weekend, it’s just a little over 8 weeks! The holidays this year are very much about celebrating and getting out and enjoying ourselves. Now is the time to focus on losing some weight. There is no quick fix to being overweight. You have to take your time. You have to be patient, and being successful is absolutely about planning ahead. Make out your shopping lists. Planning healthy meals that are going to keep you sustained and not feeling deprived. Portion Control is just as important and is promoted as part of the healthy Slim R Us menu plan.

Santa Claus gained a few pounds this year!

You can wish all you like, but not even a letter to Santa is going to magic away those extra pounds. We have Halloween coming up next weekend and there will be a lot of healthy snacks – and I did a feature on those in last week’s blog, which surprised many people.  There will be lots of what are considered to be healthy snacks in abundance this week. Nuts and coconuts, avocados and all sorts of nibbles and treats.

It is totally understandable that people will think these are excellent choices. In normal circumstances they are, but a lot of these healthy snacks,  unfortunately, come with a high calorie price tag, plus a high fat content. So they really are to be avoided if you want to lose weight.

How much weight should you lose by Christmas?

A healthy weight loss is between, one and two pounds per week. If you think of it, with eight weeks until the Christmas Holidays, you could easily go down at least one full size in your clothes.

You want to look good, you want to feel good, and you want to fit into clothes, and you want to celebrate a Christmas weight loss Season this year like you have never celebrated before! Everything is so different from last year.

How successful are crash diets?

Don’t be tempted with your crash diets and fad diets. There will be a lot of advertising around between now and the holidays about the quick fix weight loss starvation diets. They are usually expensive, leave you weak and hungry, and they most definitely do not deliver long-term results. They’re unhealthy, unsustainable, and you regain weight very quickly afterwards.

How can I lose weight fast?

A healthy lifestyle probably sounds boring and, well, healthy! But, it is about enjoying good food, a little exercise and having the best of both worlds. Losing weight, making a little commitment without feeling deprived. In short, Slim R Us promotes normal everyday family food, and you will still lose weight. Think of weight loss as one day at a time or as an old friend once said to me “the dripping tap always fills a bucket”.

It is incredible how fast time goes. How fast the weight loss adds up. A 10 lb weight loss will have you in a smaller size for a Christmas weight loss, and all it takes is a bit of determination.

Get weighed weekly.

Slim R Us is a private weight loss clinic. It is the next most important step as part of your weight loss commitment to yourself. Book Your Consultation whether you come for your weigh-in, to the clinic In-House with me, or whether you are an Online Member. Slim R Us are entirely private One2One Consultations. Support during your weight loss is vital, particularly on those weeks you may be struggling. As a nurse I value your confidentiality very highly.

When you want to lose weight for Christmas, or indeed anytime because weight loss is not just for Christmas it is for life – a longer life! However, at this time of the year especially you want to go out feeling good, and looking great!

How can I get motivated to lose weight?


Get back to basics and be prepared. Make your shopping list today, do your shopping, get your store cupboard ingredients. If you have a slow cooker in the house, this is the time to get it out and start using it, because the slow cooker is absolutely a gem of an invention!  Cook gammon, curries, soups, casseroles, chicken whatever you want for a perfect dinner as you come in from work! Put it into the slow cooker in the morning, leaving it cooking low and slow all day! Imagine that delicious smell of cooked dinner as you come home tired and hungry!


Commit to losing weight!

Join Slim R Us either as an Online Member or come to the Slim R Us In-House clinic. Don’t let the days turn into weeks and into another month. Once you start, you will be glad you did. You will have something to look forward to and feel amazing for a Christmas to really celebrate this year!


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