Eat well and lose weight

Home made egg fried rice Ito Eat well and lose weight

Eat well and lose weight without the pressure of dieting is the issue most overweight people struggle with. Weight loss is a funny business, it can make you laugh and cry at the same time! I love food and slowly realised that food, good tasty food, is the key to the best weight loss healthy programmes. Constant nibbling and snacking is a serious issue, because it adds another difficult component to weight loss journeys.

Shopping list to eat well and lose weight
Make a list of reasons of why you want to lose weight

Plan healthy recipes.

Getting back to basics is the simplest way to eat well and lose weight.

Ditch the drama and the guilt. If you enjoy food, you already have the tools to lose excess pounds because the trick is to plan ahead. Tins of vegetables, dried pasta and tomato sauces are the hero store cupboard foods because they can be adapted to many recipes.

Weight loss and losing weight is not about starvation or depriving yourself of food. Those so called weight loss diets endorsing fasting and starvation régimes are always short-lived and rarely successful. Losing weight is about making healthy choices because healthy choices are smart choices. Recipes and ideas are posted here and in social media for you to follow, cook for your family and enjoy as healthy family food.

Eat well and lose weight making pound of weight loss count.
Every pound of weight loss counts

Feed your hunger pangs

Learning how to Eat well and lose weight and the tools for your success are staring you in the face.

They are here and available online to members. There is an amazing menu of aids that will help you focus on a healthier diet and tips for weight loss. Recipes and video cookery demonstrations to give inspiration. Substitute the foods that you do not care for. There are no rules because it is important to enjoy real food and losing weight again. Having something to look forward to is the most exciting part of weight loss. 

Professional Weight Loss Help

Online members have the extra benefit of a private online Zoom conference included with their membership. Karen is a qualified nurse and has numerous years of personal experience in weight loss management. It is essential to understand the difficulties many clients have with medical conditions. There are many issues that might affect diet or the rate of weight loss. Karen is a registered general nurse.

Tasty fried rice recipe

This home-made egg fried rice recipe is a very simple, easy dish to prepare and there is no need to order take-away foods. Follow the recipe on the video demonstration below. Please feel free to like and subscribe to the Slim R Us YouTube channel.

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