Having the munchies

Having the munchies or a snack attack can affect your weight loss

Is your sweet tooth grinding your weight loss plans to a halt? Having the munchies or a snack attack? Here are some of the Top 10 Common Reasons why we struggle to lose weight.

Fasting for weight loss?

Some people decide to skip breakfast, or other main meals, and that is not advised in Slim R Us. Food is the fuel needed to repair cells, provide energy and kickstart your metabolism. Raising our overnight fasting blood sugars by including a cereal with some fibre, to increase energy and sustain you throughout the day It keeps hunger pangs at bay which helps you to focus on healthy eating.

Snacking aimlessly

Walking past the fridge, and taking a chunk of cheese as you are preparing meals or watching TV. It can be done so easily. You think, a little piece of cheese won’t do any harm to your weight loss, but it is the frequency and how thick the slice is each time that makes the difference. Making smart choices, controlling snacking, and you will soon stop asking yourself Why Has Your Weight Loss Stopped?

Snack smart and replace with fruit for a change to avoid having the munchies
Snacks don’t always have to involve biscuits!

Healthy balanced diet

It is possible you are relying on so-called healthy or breakfast bars. Many people resort to eating ‘light bars’ because they are promoted as light and healthy, but they usually contain as much sugar, leading to more sugar craves. There is generally as much fat as regular bars, plus lots of additives to make up for what they’ve had to remove to qualify them as light.

The hungry eye

The success of Slim R Us for over 10 years is largely due to the promotion of Portion Controlling. It is the key to all our years of successful weight loss. Half our plates are always full of vegetables. Loading vegetables on to your plate achieves two things. One, you automatically reduce your carb intake. Two, the digestive system starts to work hard, and is a very important part of maintaining a healthy gut.

Binge eating

Do you deprive yourself of certain foods, for example, many diets will ask you to cut out certain foods? That feeling of not being able to have something, feeling deprived of your favourite food or treat can eventually lead to you throwing in the towel.  A healthy, balanced diet should include all the major food groups, such as protein, carbohydrates and vegetables. This is particularly true to maintain a healthy digestive system and avoid nasty symptoms associated with conditions such as IBS.

How can I stop Binge Eating, sugar craves and Having the munchies before Christmas and Lose Weight

Take-Away Foods

Another reason why your weight loss might have stalled is because you are having too many take away foods. Having the munchies on a Saturday night can be substituted for a healthy option. Pause a minute, before looking at the speed dial on the phone to your local take-away. Think Fake-Away, such as stir fry chicken chow mein. Successful weight loss comes when you prepare in advance! Vegetable curry is a delicious TV dinner. There are lots of recipes for our online members to be inspired by. Remember a treat is only a treat when it is a treat, beyond that, a sugar crave can lead to a habit. You have no control over food that is not cooked by yourself.

Plan treats to avoid having the munchies!

Snack attack.

Another reason why your weight loss may have stopped is because sometimes you over snack on healthy foods. Snacking on nuts, avocados or coconut are very healthy, but unfortunately, their high fat content can affect the rate of your weight loss.

Craving weight loss

Another reason why your weight loss may have stalled is because you may not be eating enough during the day. The cycle of hunger pangs follows. Having the munchies usually leads on to uncontrolled nibbling in the evening. Are you doing long fasts, fad diets and skipping meals? Do you sit and watch TV and about an hour after your dinner, are wondering what you can eat next?  This can be the result of not eating enough during the day.

Sleep Apnoea and a snack attack.

Did you know that weight issues can lead to restless nights?  When you get up in the morning, do you feel tired after not having a refreshing night’s sleep? Do you toss and turn a lot during the night? Do you snore or jolt awake gasping for air? Restless nights lead to poor choices of food and sugar craves during the day. Having the munchies and the cycle of unplanned nibbling continues.

The guilty sweet tooth

One of the main reasons why you can stop losing weight is because you have gone on the guilt trip after a sugar crave! Did your sweet tooth lead to a snack attack? What causes that? Having the munchies in the evening when you least expect it? Why is it that when we have one bar or one bag of crisps, suddenly we lose control of ourselves, and it leads to further snacking? We get exasperated with our efforts to lose weight, and this one treat leads to more and more. Ditch the guilt! Plan your treats, but if you have over-indulged, it is not the end of the world. Get back to basics and start afresh!

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