Healthy Dinner Recipe: Quick and Easy Chicken Stir Fry

Simple recipes Chicken and noodle stir fry

Healthy dinner recipes like chicken stir fry are a cheap and easy meal the whole family will enjoy, and this recipe will make your taste buds explode! Watch my easy-to-follow video for the recipe and step-by-step guide. I truly appreciate a good chicken stir fry! You can sub out the chicken for any other meat or make it fully vegetarian. The trick to stir-frying is to cook your meat first. Remove it and then add it back in at the end. Cook the vegetables that will take the longest and then add everything else in. Try and cut your vegetables so that they are of similar length or thickness. What’s wonderful about adding vegetables is, you can have any amount of any type and it is such a fabulous way of using leftover fresh, frozen or canned vegetable! Add some noodles if you wish, to the vegetables, or indeed, serve separately. It can be a healthy dinner recipe or a healthy lunch option and leftovers can be easily chilled or frozen for another day.




My Up-Bringing

Stir Fry always brings me back to when I was growing up; I grew up in an area where lunch-time was when we had our main meal. Lunch was always meat, potatoes and very well cooked vegetables. In fact, the vegetables were so well-cooked, they put me off mushy cauliflower for life! Tea-time in most houses at six o’clock was beans on toast or a scrambled egg. The idea of a huge meal in the evening was alien to us. Dessert was a special treat on a Sunday.

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Al dente was introduced to us in the 1980s or ’90s. For most of us, that meant nearly raw vegetables. Going on holidays and having – as we called it – raw broccoli on a plate, required the offending vegetables being sent back to the kitchen, to be boiled for another 10 minutes, along with the half-cooked meat! If it was pink of any shade – it was raw.

Exciting Flavours

In our wisdom nowadays, we know al dente to mean the vegetables are cooked enough to lose their raw taste. Our palates have adjusted, and we now enjoy the exciting flavours vegetables offer. The fact that all the nutrients have not been boiled into oblivion, has been a bonus! The explosion of celebrity chef programmes on television has educated us even further and introduced us to all sorts of methods and types of cooking. I remember being fascinated with the WOK! I was amazed at all these raw vegetables being cooked so quickly and with fabulous seasonings. Soy Sauce was unheard of! The first time I used it, I thought surely it needs more than a few sprinkles! One learns very fast!



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