Healthy Habits for Weight Loss

Extra vegetables to develop Healthy Habits for Weight Loss

Healthy Habits for Weight Loss can last a lifetime.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You can lose weight and I want you to believe that. So often, mouth watering nibbles that other people are scoffing, look so tempting…but believe it or not – you too can make really healthy dishes look mouth wateringly tempting as well! Homemade muesli doesn’t have to be for breakfast!
You can lose weight for Summer 2022there are so many excellent healthy recipes online. Believe in yourself.

Develop healthy habits for weight loss with Homemade Muesli

Make Smart Choices

A healthier eating lifestyle and portion controlling, has been successful for thousands of Slim R Us clients. Breakfast is associated with the early hours, but in Slim R Us, the focus is on the first meal of the day rather than the time of day. Healthy Habits for Weight Loss, combining a healthy eating plan and lifestyle, is a very important part of the Slim R Us weight loss programme. Nutrition and moderation including portion control is the key to real success. Normal everyday family food that can be enjoyed by everyone is the key that unlocks the psychological obstacles to weight loss.

Plan for weighing lighter 

Simply put – we keep it simple! We encourage normal, everyday family food. Slim R Us weight loss is not about fasting, starving, counting or calculating. Slim R Us promotes Healthy Habits for Weight Loss. It is honest to goodness food that you buy in the supermarkets and shops the world over. Cook meals the entire family can sit and enjoy together.

Can I eat treats on a diet?

Of course, Slim R Us is not considered a diet. It’s a healthy lifestyle choice and Healthy Habits for Weight Loss. However, I love looking at some questions posed on the Internet about weight loss.

Staying in control, having your treats, and I’m always saying a treat is only a treat when it is a treat, but if it is any more than that, if it’s Friday Saturday and Sunday, then the treat is a habit. So going forward, always think the key to weight loss is consistency.

Have you completed the free Health Screen on the homepage? It will give you an idea of your eating habits. Do you skip breakfast or lunch? Do you exercise? How do you sleep at night? These are all important questions as part of your weight loss journey.

Balance variety and moderation

Practice moderation to unlock the key to weight loss, because, when you eat in moderation, you can still enjoy those snacks or treats. However,  you have to know what is it that sets you off? What does that little ticking clock in your brain do when it spots a bar of chocolate or a bag of crisps? Your brain has been programmed, after many years of practice, to snacking and grazing! Now it is time to change the focus of what your brain is telling you. In Slim R Us, consistency is the key to developing Healthy Habits for Weight Loss. Lot of vegetables on our plates.  In fact, half our plate is full of vegetables. It is about a balanced, healthy diet. It is not about counting calories.


Lose weight in 2022

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