How can I be happy as I am losing weight

How can I be happy as I am losing weight

How can I be happy as I am losing weight without becoming short-tempered, because a daily fix of chocolate has been denied. This self-denial, deprivation of one of my greatest pleasures, has also been programmed into the mind of almost every person who has ever tried to lose weight. The trick to maintaining your sanity while losing weight, is to stop obsessing about every morsel you eat. Stop obsessing and beating yourself up because you indulged in a chocolate bar. Gaining a pound is not the end of the world. Regret sharing some birthday cake, and you have entirely missed the point of Slim R Us. This is normal, everyday family food, and you should never feel deprived or miserable while trying to lose weight. Happiness is – Losing Weight – Without being miserable!

Fat Shaming

”You are Fat, God made you Fat & you will be Fat for the rest of your life”. At 10 years old, this was a hard message to absorb from a doctor. This is not typical of what clients are told by a doctor thankfully, but a ‘fat shaming’ message has been conveyed in many forms at some stage, of lots of clients lives. Obesity can have adverse, stressful effects psychologically.
Whether it has been brainwashed into minds as an image by media, or an inherited feeling from a parent. Perhaps disparaging remarks from a partner, weight issues become a lifelong psychological battle with personal image.

How can I be happy losing weight. Happiness is weight loss
Measuring success

Fat people are such jolly people

Or, as one client was told recently by a patient  – “fat nurses are the nicest nurses” – they are not. People who are overweight hurt, and they try so hard to get people to see past how they look, to see the real person. They might not show it, but deep down it is hurting. Many people are probably happy in their own skin. But others long for a healthy body to enjoy just the simple things, of not having to squeeze into tight clothes. In fact, studies have linked obesity and depression, and it is totally understandable.
Mood and anxiety disorders can be up to 25% more prevalent in overweight people,  a study for the Archives of Psychiatry found. But, in better news, 25% of overweight people are less likely to have substance abuse, than their peers. Always look on the bright side!

Dignity and respect


As a nurse who went to over 20 stones, clients relate to me, not just as a medical professional but as a human being who understands. My service is entirely confidential. There are no public humiliations or interrogations. They know that I know the pitfalls, the difficulties, the feeling of losing control when you give in to the chocolate crave! So what is the great secret – the major breakthrough that Slim R Us has conquered. What is it, no other major weight loss organisation with millions of Euro behind them has succeeded in doing. Is it the Menu Plan? Absolutely, but not entirely, although that is a huge part of it.  I have humanised it. It’s that simple. No one needs a lecture. I love my work &  sitting with clients and trying to map out a path to their weight loss. I love the banter with my clients.

How to manage stress while losing weight.


Every single client of mine is treated with the same dignity and respect I afford to members of my own family. Losing weight can be stressful. It is so important to learn how to manage stress and channel it into being happy while losing weight.

How can I be happy as I am losing weight and also manage stress
Managing stress is very important.

Losing weight lifts a weight.


How can I be happy as I am losing weight is not the issue. Weight loss is life changing. Not just from the physical health or appearance perspective. But as a mental health issue, losing weight lifts a huge cloud of darkness. The smile on a clients face when their weight is dropping cannot be quantified. It lights up a room. It’s the beam that reaches every pore of a clients body and radiates to everyone they encounter. Slim R Us is simple every day healthy family food. It is about normality and having a life. The worry clients initially may have expressed about a so-called weight loss diet has become a distant memory.

The Health Screen.

This week, I am asking that you take time and complete the Health Screen from the homepage. This isn’t just about clicking yes or no answers. It is about thinking of your relationship with food, meal times, sleep patterns, fluid intake and exercise. It is also of huge benefit to me when we chat whether it is online or in-house.

You can pre-book your consultation. As an online member, there is a free monthly Zoom call or if you want to call for your private one2one consultation, you can reserve your preferred time.

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How can I be happy as I am losing weight. Happiness comes with weight loss

You will be fat for the rest of your life

The 10 yr old who was told she was fat, God made her fat & she would be fat for the rest of her life – was me! How can I be happy as I am losing weight was something that took years to learn. Words matter and hurtful words are never forgotten. Not even fifty years later.


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