How to lose weight and get back on track.

Does joint pain cause weight gain

How to lose weight and get back on track after eating a lot of wayward snacking, is not as difficult as you might think. A back to basics model of healthy eating, without the guilt of what has gone before, is the secret to real success. There is a familiar saying in Slim R Us that reminds everyone of the dripping tap always filling a bucket. Guilt is the one emotion that so many people struggle with. How to get back on track and lose weight without all the added guilt, of having broken the diet.

How to lose weight and get back on track
One day at a time

Slim R Us promotes healthy eating and being able to enjoy all those events and celebrations without guilt. Yes, there might be a little weight gain. However, in order to be truly successful, learning to celebrate in moderation with treats, is part of the weight loss journey. A treat is only a treat, when it is just a treat.

How to lose weight and shop for healthy food
Weight loss starts with the shopping list.

Most people would agree that going shopping on an empty stomach is not a good idea. It is very easy, and indeed tempting, to mindlessly fill a shopping basket as you stroll around the supermarket. Have a clear idea of what you want. Make a list of store cupboard ingredients that you can rely on, when or if hunger pangs hitOne thing that can help any weight loss journey is by ensuring you have the cupboard stocked with food that helps you to create healthy and tasty meals!

How to lose weight with my top 3 picks for the shopping list.

1) Dried Pasta of any shape.
It’s a hero food that works great with a host of sauces and dressings, marrying well with pestos & low fat cheeses, providing endless inspiring pasta dishes.
2) Tinned Beans.
Whether it’s with eggs, a kidney bean curry or a mixed bean soup, beans are versatile.
3)Tinned Tuna
Perfect added to foods already in the cupboard.

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