How to Lose Weight in Lockdown

Walking to enjoy the benefits of weight loss on mental health

How to Lose Weight in lockdown? It may seem very difficult when you have a lot going on around you, but losing weight is not only achievable, it’s good for your mental health. Exercise can be a big turn-off for many people, particularly if they have not done much in recent years or if you have felt scared of setting foot in gyms. Taking that first step is imperative. Of course, it is easier said than done, so taking small steps is key. Starting off with small ten minute walks around your garden. Increasing each day and setting goals beyond your garden but within restrictions will not only help to clear your head, but it uses up some time and makes you feel great. Exercise will deliver weight loss success when it is part of a plan. Learning how to lose weight in lockdown or at any time takes patience. The plan must include a healthier eating lifestyle as they must be teamed together. We understand this in Slim R Us and we help people to lose weight with a particular emphasis on helping our online members in lockdown.

How does Slim R Us help you?

Obesity can work in a vicious circle. Cruel comments about the ‘fat lazy person’ can haunt and emotionally scar people for life. Some of our clients start a strict fitness plan and rely too much on protein bars and other confectionery to sustain them. Other clients embark on an excellent healthy diet but forget about taking that one step towards some form of exercise. Slim R Us advises that both must go hand in hand and we help you do that. Lockdown has presented the world with a great opportunity to take a step towards a better healthier lifestyle. Contradictory as that may sound, in the face of global contagious infection. You can start small, like the walking tips above, or you can take up yoga or some short exercise classes on YouTube. I personally fully recommend Pilates. JT Physio is a physiotherapy clinic offering online real-time pilates classes for all levels. All therapists there recognise the challenges faced by clients who struggle and adapt accordingly.

Cookery Demonstrations and Recipes

There are so many recipes to choose from online and no better place to start than our little corner. We have plenty of recipes on our site, including this delicious Spiced Carrot and butternut squash soup is a warming winter soup. Visit and subscribe to the Slim R Us channel on YouTube for more video demonstrations. Follow my Instagram account (can you believe I have an Instagram now? I hardly recognise myself!) today to enjoy live demonstrations of cookery, help, recipe ideas. I even have a demo of the reformer pilates machine in the Slim R Us headquarters gym!

Finally, I will leave you with this interesting fact: there are 42 individual muscles in the human face and with just one smile they have all worked out so keep on smiling!

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