How to make a Pea Salad in 2 easy steps.

Frozen garden peas make the perfect mint pea salad in Slim R Us

How to make a pea salad in 2 easy steps is the best recipe for a tasty side dish. Many people struggle with how to make quick healthy snacks. This is one for a barbecue or a beach picnic. Frozen garden peas are the best ingredient. It’s simply a matter of adding boiling water and fresh mint. There is no need to actually cook the peas! In just a few minutes, drain the peas, remove the mint and season.

How to make a Pea Salad in 2 easy steps
Add boiling water & fresh mint to frozen garden peas.


Losing weight has to be tasty.

I post these simple recipes and ideas because I firmly believe weight loss has to be nutritious, healthy and above all tasty. One of those recipes that is part of our normal everyday family food is how to make a pea salad in 2 easy steps.  You can make so many delicious meals and still lose weight. Reaching for the nearest bag of crisps or take away food only serves to annoy yourself for longer. The snack foods taste the same eventually, as is the guilt that is associated with constant nibbling.

Adapt recipes to your own taste, such as how to make a pea salad in 2 easy steps.

If you are really serious about trying to lose weight, think smart and make smarter choices. When recipes call for cream, then it’s simply a matter of substituting full fat cream with low fat crème fraîche. When a cooking method calls for deep-fried, opt for grilling or use an air fryer. It’s simple changes like this that can keep your weight loss goals on track. Scrumptious, yummy snacks are not off the menu. Nothing is off the menu. But realistic meal plans and bearing in mind that a treat is only a treat, when it is a treat!

I really like this recipe and when I discovered how to make a pea salad in 2 easy steps, I make it very often. It’s a perfect side dish for an evening barbecue. It can be made in advance and is rich in fibre and nutrition.



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