I plan to lose weight fast and get healthy

Avoid Binge eating before Christmas by making smart food choices.

I plan to lose weight fast and get healthy is on a lot of minds right now. It doesn’t matter that it took a year almost to gain the so-called COVID-19 stone. The expectations are high that this excess weight will be lost in superfast time! The internet and Google are awash with searches for the dream diet. The plan that is going to somehow overnight magically make those pounds disappear. But the reality is, weight loss is something you must make not only a little plan for, but give it time also.  There are lots of unproven, indeed unhealthy promises to sway your mind and your wallet. Slimming foods are on every shopping list, but in what form?


Making Smart Choices will yield success.


No matter what you decide to do, once you plan to make those smart choices, those healthier choices, you will see great results. Clear your mind of the thought that I plan to lose weight fast.  I plan to lose weight fast and get healthy is a little contradictory. The focus is still on the speed of your weight loss. Think logically of what are your personal issues with weight. What foods do you eat that you know, deep in your heart and soul, that has contributed to your weight gain. Some people eat good healthy meals throughout the day but by 7pm or 8pm, are already snacking on a family size pack of crisps.

When you go shopping, think of basic store cupboard foods. The hero foods to be relied on when stuck. I am talking about Pasta, tinned vegetables, tomato based Pasta sauces. These are the basic ingredients of a quick, easy meal to cook when you are hungry and possibly tempted to call the local take-away delivery service.

Slim R Us for best weight loss. Try this really tasty seafood cocktail!
There is no such thing as slimming foods.


Gravy is not the cause of your weight problems.


One of the most common questions I get asked is if a client can have a little gravy on their dinner. Or a little garlic sauce with their steak. Perhaps a seafood sauce with their fish. My answer is always the same. The World Health Organisation has yet to come out and say that the global obesity epidemic is the result of excess Bisto on the plate! Have a look at the King Prawn Salad demo below. There is also a delicious home-made seafood sauce recipe.

A healthier lifestyle is for you.


Time for yourself
Yes, Karen takes time out also!

I deal in realism and the reality is I am not going to be a professional sprint runner! But, it is possible to be as healthy as one. Some basic dietary changes and it is achievable.  Cut back on the take-away foods. If you normally get two per week, then just get one. There are lots of great recipe ideas not only in the member’s recipe section but also in the weekly blogs where you can cook some great fake-away dinners! Last week there was a delicious Home-made Egg Fried Rice. I promise you, if you have not tried it, it is as good if not better than any take-away!

Slim R Us is focused on your weight loss.


Consultations are private one2one meetings. Your weight loss journey is shared only with Karen who is a registered general nurse and your confidential information is respected. There are no discussions with other clients about your struggles or achievements. Public humiliation is neither practised nor an acceptable policy in Slim R Us. Your medical history that you share with Karen, whether as an online member through the Zoom Conference or in-house, is treated with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality.

How to make a healthy dinner in minutes.


This King Prawn Salad with have you wonder why you doubted your cooking skills. It is simple, easy to prepare. Once you have done this, you can play around with different types of fish like crab claws, which are fabulous!

Losing weight, with a controlled healthy diet and plenty of support, will make sure you achieve your personal goal and keep it off.

King Prawn Salad in 3 simple steps

Keep your fresh fish as simple as possible to preserve the fantastic flavour of the sea! A nice dipping sauce for the side, and it is a perfect lunch in 3 simple steps. Weight loss is not about fasting or starvation, rather it is about enjoying great food. A healthy eating lifestyle is achievable without feeling deprived. If you like the recipes and tips, please like and subscribe to the Slim R Us YouTube channel. Join online and start the journey to a healthy weight loss. Slim R Us is a nurse led weight loss organisation.

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