Celebrating International Bartender Day!

Limit Alcohol to prevent making poor food choices when trying to lose menopausal weight gain

International Bartender Day is today! Unfortunately, during this pandemic, we are unable to show our appreciation.  Many people who are trying to lose weight, err by denying themselves all treats. Excessive alcohol and snacks are the main causes of weight issues. Slim R Us promotes moderation when consuming treats and alcohol. Many people make the mistake of denying themselves all treats when trying to lose weight. However, regardless of whether it is a glass of wine, a bar of chocolate or a takeaway on a Friday night, it is important to remember weight loss is about being able to enjoy a treat as part of the weight loss journey. Online members can find some lovely treats in the recipe section to enjoy.

Google search low sugar treats or cocktails

A simple search on Google will produce pages of ideas for low or no sugar cocktails. You will also find lots of alcohol-free cocktail suggestions. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the Tips section here, for many suggestions and weight loss tips.

International Bartender Day has closely followed International Margharita Day. One is looking forward to commenting on International No Diet Day.

Events to celebrate

Family celebrations do not necessarily involve alcohol. There are treats from birthday cakes to delicious desserts to be sampled and enjoyed. People who have struggled with serious weight issues over many years, often find it difficult to accept they can enjoy a treat and still continue to lose weight. Clients are advised to make smart choices every day.

Clients are encouraged to continue to enjoy a treat but it is important to observe a happy medium and moderation. Being realistic about weight loss goals and the journey will make it easier to travel. Eating delicious healthy meals from the recipe section in Slim R Us but overindulging for three weekend nights will not produce the desired weight loss. There is a super three-day menu taster on the homepage to download and enjoy. See what you think and let me know how you get on!

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