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Lose Weight Fast, preferably overnight in our dreams, without any effort would be the best invention ever!

Crash Diet Failures


It’s an age-old desire! We want to Lose Weight Fast, that we have literally spent months or indeed years adding – overnight!!  In the real world, that doesn’t happen unless you go on one of those starvation, fasting, drastic diet regimes, that give a temporary result within days or weeks, only to see it pile on, with even more added, in a very short space of time! Obesity can have adverse, stressful effects psychologically.
Yes, anything with the word ‘healthy’ with it, can sound boring and slow! Especially when you have that event, party, or holiday that you had planned to drop at least one or two sizes for, is suddenly looming on the horizon.
Weight loss takes commitment, and the best healthy programmes will yield success. Wishful thinking will not magic away pounds or stones! For every One pound you are overweight, it is the equivalent of Three pounds of pressure on weight-bearing joints, such as your knees. Be positive about your weight loss, as there are many hidden health benefits, such as relief of arthritic pain.

A Healthy Lifestyle

However, it doesn’t have to be a jail sentence, either. Weight loss can be tasty and fun, but most importantly, your weight loss programme has to be healthy. That is exactly what you get in Slim R Us. Professional weight loss help that is monitored each week by our nurse. Is there anything as exciting as seeing those sizes drop. Is there anything as sweet a sound to the ears, as someone remarking on your weight loss! I speak from experience, having lost over 9 stones!
Stick to the basics – keep it simple! Try out the free 3-day taster menu when you claim it at the end of the Health Screen! There are lots of tasty video recipes to try out also, so remember this is not about how to Lose Weight Fast, it is losing weight choosing a Healthy Diet that will be sustainable.
Joining online – from as little as €3.75 per week for 6 months membership, and you have all the tools to lose weight plus all the support at your fingertips, including a video conference monthly to keep you on track!

The question for you today is … are you a YES, NO or MAYBE person?

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