Making Smart Choices to Lose Weight Successfully

Dinner meal plan

Slim R Us has always advocated that making smart choices is the only way to successfully lose weight. Your mindset will reflect on how you approach your weight loss journey. If you are expecting overnight results, you are really going to struggle. The delete button just does not operate when we want to lose some pounds! This is just a simple rice cake with sliced beef tomato and fat-free quark cheese. Seasoned with ground black pepper. Looks very tasty! It was!

Support and Healthy eating is the key to success

There are lots of recipes to choose from in the member’s recipe section to keep you interested. Indeed, you will also find many recipes and cookery demos in the blogs which you have delivered to your inbox. Remember, as an online member, you have the support of Karen online, in the WhatsApp group, on Facebook and also on Instagram! If you haven’t found the pages, have a click on the video below! Eating a healthy diet is paramount to losing weight. Equally, exercise of some form is just as important. During this pandemic, I encourage everyone to try and get some walking or indoor exercise every day. Every smart choice you make will have a positive result. There are so many classes available online that are free, and I recommend a simple search on You Tube to find something suitable for all ages and abilities! Keep reminding yourself that you will lose weight by making smart choices.

Online Consultations

Booking your online consultation is simple. Remember, if your preferred time is not available, send me a message. The WhatsApp group is quite active on a daily basis, so let me know if you wish to be added.

Homemade Hearty Chicken Soup

This week I made a simple chicken soup. Use whatever vegetables you have, but I focused on parsnips and celery in particular. This is the season for parsnips, and they are in abundance and the best value vegetable around. I also peeled and added potatoes and some red split lentils. Lots of chicken stock made it very tasty indeed. I always add a tiny bit of Tikka powder to season, as it gives a little warmth without being overpowering. You don’t have to be an amazing chef to cook healthy meals. I often visit Bord Bia for some great inspiration. I hope you have a great week! It looks like this lockdown will continue for some months to come, but hopefully, by June, most people will be vaccinated, and we can return to happier times!

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