Movement is Motion European Mobility Week 2021

Movement and Motion with sustainable mobility

Movement is Motion is a Slim R Us campaign celebrating #EuropeanMobilityWeek2021. Countries all over Europe are involved this week in promoting a sustainable and a healthier lifestyle, and Slim R Us is proud to be part of that.

All this week, Slim R Us has been promoting an active lifestyle, asking everybody to just get up, get out, and get moving! I would also encourage you to complete the Health Screen on the Homepage. It will make you think of how active you really are!


What does an active lifestyle mean?


Get active and healthy with sustainable mobility

It’s so easy to fall into the daily routine of just getting into the car to go to the shops or go to the post office. Or indeed if work is close by, and within walking distance, Slim R Us is asking that for this week – why not think about leaving your car behind?

Movement is Motion is about getting some exercise, whether it is walking to work or indeed if work is so far away, perhaps on your lunch-break getting up, getting out, leaving the computer and going for a breath of fresh air.

How can exercise benefit your weight loss?


Is being more active going to increase your weight loss on its own?  Actually, when you incorporate a Slim R Us healthy eating plan, along with a more active lifestyle, and you want to see the benefits with weight loss, you certainly will. But it’s just more than that!

When you go out for a walk your mind clears, you take in the fresh air, take deep breaths, and walk with a purpose! Swing your arms! Don’t be afraid of how anybody looks at you! I’m not a fitness expert, but when I go out for my walk I swing my arms, and I feel as if I am swinging every muscle in my body!


An active body is Movement in Motion is not just for today, it is for life
The Movement is Now

Other than that, if I go out for a walk with friends I tend to walk a little slower, I tend to, surprisingly, talk a little more!

But when I want to really push my activity, I like to walk on my own. Maybe put the music in my ears, or just listen to the surrounding sounds! Getting out there walking, or any other activity, will tone your muscles! You will feel good!

You will feel like you’re losing weight! Not only that, but you will feel your clothes looser on you, and for those of us who are trying to lose weight, that is the ultimate goal! Having our clothes fit us better or wanting to get into smaller sizes.


Why is moving more and being more active important ?


First, you will feel the health benefits as you feel your muscles toning. Especially, as we get a little older, increasing muscle mass and body strength is very important. It also helps to reduce blood pressure, and if you are pre-diabetic, or type 2 diabetic it can help, along with a healthy eating plan, to reduce your blood sugars.

If you suffer from joint issues – such as arthritis, it’s important that you start moving more, because if you don’t, you are going to continue to stiffen and feel sore and achy. Remember, the beauty of this week’s campaign is not only to raise awareness, but to help you realise that any Movement is Motion!


Adding a little exercise everyday can have long term health benefits.
You only have ONE body. Protect it.


I know it sounds contradictory if you’re feeling stiff – how can you possibly get up and walk, but it doesn’t have to be about walking. Think about swimming. Think about maybe going into your local public pool or joining a private pool.

The buoyancy of the water in the pool can actually reduce the impact on your joints, and swimming is brilliant for easing pain.  Actually, you can be even more flexible in the water. It also increases your strength, and indeed cardiovascular fitness.

Any form of exercise is part of the Slim R Us campaign of Movement is Motion during European Mobility Week 2021.

Why do you binge-eat after drinking alcohol?


Next week, I’m going to be talking about the impact of drinking a little too much alcohol on your weight loss plans! You have that to look forward to, and I know this is an issue for some people!

Even if you have over-indulged on just one night out, not being able to control the amount of food and snacks on subsequent days can be make it a struggle to put it behind you and get back on your healthy eating track.

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