A Quick Egg Breakfast

A Quick Egg Breakfast is great. This can be cooked, cooled and taken to work or for a shopping trip snack!  

A Slim Breakfast

A Slim Breakfast of beans and egg is a perfect way of getting the metabolism kick-started for the day. See the Poached Egg recipe if you would like to cook it that way!

Beans on Toast

Beans on Toast was a staple as a child! Whether it was a breakfast, a lunch or late supper!

Superfast Weetabix Muesli

Superfast Weetabix Muesli is a little different from the Homemade Muesli in the Breakfast section.

Pancakes and Fruit

Pancakes and Fruit from the healthy breakfast 7 Meals Ideas! These are made with couscous and taste great! Don’t forget, couscous is free in Slim R Us! If you have these pancakes for breakfast, you still have your bread or cereal allowance available to you!

Baked Potato and Beans Lunch

Baked Potato and Beans Lunch can even be cooked in a microwave at work!

Corn and Chicken Lunch

Corn and Chicken Lunch is a tasty meal using leftover cooked chicken.

Quick Noodle Lunch

Quick Noodle Lunch! You can also add chicken or prawns.