A Little Light Lunch

How to stop Binge Eating and Lose Weight by Simple snack of sliced tomato with ground black pepper and ricecake
Yields: 1 Serving Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 1 Mins

A Little Light Lunch when you are not too hungry. Or add one of the soups from the soup section with these rice cakes.

Snacking for Weight Loss with tasty healthy quick bites

Or another option is cheese from your daily allowance!


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  • Hard-boil and cool an egg.
  • Mix the Quark cheese and the mixed herbs. Or instead of the herbs, add 1/4 tsp Tikka powder, Chilli powder or Cajun if you prefer.
  • Spread the cheese on to the ricecakes or crackers.
  • Slice the egg and place on top of the cheese
  • Slice the tomatoes and place over the eggs. Season with the pepper and salt if desired.