Surprising Benefits of Weight Loss on your body.

Not knowing what to wearwhat to wear is a surprising benefit of weight loss

Surprising benefits of weight loss might seem a little obvious, but here are 10 of my favourites! Number 1 has to be, you don’t know what to wear. A lot of time has been spent trying to fit into those jeans or into that shirt. Going out shopping, looking longingly at different sizes in shops, and now you fit into the size you like. A huge selection of clothes, and you can’t decide what you’re going to wear!

Sleep Apnoea and Snoring associated with overweight.

Sleep quality is improved with weight loss

Number 2 on my list of surprising benefits of weight loss would be sleep apnoea and snoring. Did you know, there’s a lot of fat that can gather around your neck, and that is the big cause of snoring, and sleep apnoea? When you lose up to five percent of body weight, that can have a dramatic effect on snoring and sleep apnoea.

Healthy family lifestyle

Number 3 would be when your family and your friends see you becoming successful at weight loss. They actually want to try and join you, and that is a huge benefit, because it is good to know that your family want to adopt a healthier lifestyle, just like you. Number 4, and you’ve gone out for new clothes. Would you believe that new shoes are also needed? Fat gathers around your feet just as much, relatively speaking, as around the waist. Shoe sizes are actually smaller, because the width of the feet has changed. Most people opt for a larger shoe size when overweight.

The surprising benefit of weight loss on medical conditions

Often overlooked would be number 5 on the surprising benefits of weight loss list. Prescription medicines as you lose weight can change when you consider you are reducing your blood pressure. Reducing your chances of a stroke. You are reducing the effect of pain on your joints. Not only that, but you are reducing your blood sugars. So your type 2 diabetes, your high blood pressure tablets and many of those medications could be reduced as you have lost your weight, and saving you money on prescription drugs, which allows you to buy more clothes and buy new shoes!

Learning to cook better is a benefit of a healthy lifestyle.

Cooking better is a benefit of a healthier lifestyle

Number 6 on my list would be that you’re actually cooking better! Having explored recipes, tips, ideas, and while not professional chefs, home cooking is an awful lot better. Think about what you used to cook before trying to lose weight. I guarantee a lot of it was just the same. All repetitive high fat foods such as chips and nuggets. Now cooking, interesting meals for all the family.

The healthier family, at number 7, has seen their diet improved. They are eating healthier. So that is another fantastic benefit, a surprising benefit of your weight loss. At number 8  body measurements have changed. They are reducing, and you will see that in the new clothes and the new shoes!

Greatly improved mood is at number 9! Remember when those days of getting up in the morning and not having slept well at night. That was most likely weight related.  Perhaps feeling stressed because of the excess weight. Struggling to move in the bed and tossing and turning during the night. With weight loss, you get up with a smile on your face.

Greater life expectancy with weight loss

Weight loss increases life expectancy

Number 10 could just as easily be numbered one. Improved life expectancy is probably not foremost of most peoples thoughts as they embark on a weight loss programme and healthier lifestyle. But these are basic changes to your life, and it is amazing how it has improved your long term health.

As we start into September now, we start thinking about winter and the long dark nights drawing in. Think positive! Perhaps about cooking better healthier meals stews and casseroles. Those nice heart-warming healthy, filling dinners!

Have your weight loss monitored.

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Weight loss is just getting yourself into that mindset of taking it one day at a time, one pound at a time, keeping it simple, with no pressure. Having a little focus, tracking and watching your treats and being determined to lose your weight. Making lists and planning your shopping.

Tomato & Red Pepper Fritatta Recipe is a healthy option for weight loss

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