Easter Treats


Chocolate Easter Treats can be healthy

Easter Treats

Easter Treats like a little chocolate can go a long way, but there are not many of us who can stop at just a little. Controlling sugar craves can make it difficult to getting back on track, after a splurge of chocolate! As Easter 2022 approaches, shops are packing chocolate eggs in every available space. …

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IBS and weight loss Symptoms

IBS and weight loss

IBS and weight loss is very much dependent on each individual and their flares at a particular time. IBS, as it is more commonly known, is best diagnosed by your doctor to rule out other potential conditions that can mimic the symptoms. This is a digestive disorder and not to be confused with Inflammatory Bowel …

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Extra vegetables to develop Healthy Habits for Weight Loss

Healthy Habits for Weight Loss

Healthy Habits for Weight Loss can last a lifetime. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You can lose weight and I want you to believe that. So often, mouth watering nibbles that other people are scoffing, look so tempting…but believe it or not – you too can make really healthy dishes look mouth …

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Normal family food to lose weight and forget dieting

Lose weight and forget dieting

Lose weight and forget dieting is what most overweight people struggle with because past experiences play a huge role in their lives.   Weight loss is a funny business, it can make you laugh and cry at the same time! I love food and slowly realised that food, good tasty food, is the key to …

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It's back to school 2022

Back-to-School 2022

Back-to-school 2022 is almost upon us! It’s hard to believe it is the end of August 2022 and the summer holidays are almost over! Back-to-School season is synonymous with weight loss. Mainly because it’s associated with routine. It could equally be called the planning and preparation season! This is because a lot of people are …

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