The best way to lose weight is to keep it simple

4 simple steps to weight loss with slim r us

The best way to lose weight is to keep it simple with normal everyday family food. Do you constantly obsess about food? Dump the guilt and the obsession of constant calorie counting and calculating what you have eaten. A strict diet plan rarely works for long, and most people go back to their old habits.  Slim R Us promotes a healthy mind as well as a healthy weight loss programme, and one must come with the other! When you lose weight, this motivates and inspires you to continue. When your clothes fit better, this encourages you to continue!

Herb Crusted Pork and Cabbage with mashed potato recipe from Slim R Us
Normal everyday healthy family food.

Keep it simple with healthy recipes.

I have always said that the best recipes to inspire your weight loss are easily found in every cookery book. It just takes a little adaptation and substitution. For example, use Rapeseed oil instead of cooking oils. It has a very high burn factor which makes it great for frying, and it is a much healthier oil to use. I also use Rapeseed oil in marinades and for dressings. There is no such thing as weight loss recipes, but rather keep it simple with healthy recipes and that will help your weight loss journey.

Quark Fat Free cheese is lovely added to Pasta dishes for a creamy sauce. Be careful though as the pasta cooking must be finished and add the Quark at the end. Otherwise, it will curdle under a high heat. But it makes a very tasty Carbonara with mushrooms added!

Clients who do the Zoom calls as online clients with me or at in-house consultations will always hear me say that the best way to lose weight is to keep it simple.

A healthy meal planned in advance makes it easier to focus positively.

The best way to lose weight is to keep it simple
Plan to succeed by planning your store cupboard ingredients.

Your weight loss journey really does start in the supermarket aisle! Remember, the best way to lose weight is to keep it simple. Recognise the foods you know that you struggle with. For example, if you open a pack of biscuits and tend to eat half the packet, then avoid the biscuit aisle. Plan to have readily available foods in your cupboard that you can easily reach for in a moment of hunger! Foods such as pasta and tomato based sauces are great for a quick dish. Especially when you are in a hurry.  There are some lovely demo videos on the Slim R Us YouTube channel. If you subscribe, you will then be notified as new recipes are posted.

Think positively about losing weight.

Constantly stressing out about your weight or what you have eaten every day to friends and family,  can have negative impact on your overall approach to your personal journey. Making smart choices and simple family food is promoted in Slim R Us as these are the proven roadmaps to weight loss success. Most people know and understand the feelings of ‘breaking the diet’. The biggest issue is then getting ‘back on track’, but the overwhelming guilt drives many down the path even further. I will start tomorrow, Monday or next week is always on the tip of the tongue. My advice is to always break the day down. Don’t think in terms of weeks or months. Say to yourself each day, you are going to think positively about losing weight.

How to snack and lose weight.

Simple snack of sliced tomato with ground black pepper and ricecake
How to snack and lose weight

Think of getting to lunchtime without indulging the scone and jam. Substitute with a crispbread, some tomato & ground black pepper instead. Think of getting to dinner. Substitute the afternoon biscuits with fruit and yoghurt. Make smart choices in the evening after dinner. Instead of the crisps watching TV, make  nice dip with a popadum broken up into nachos. Popadums are available in supermarkets and are usually around 35 kcals in each one as opposed to 130kcals in a bag of crisps. Enjoy the pineapple lollipops video demo on the Slim R Us channel! These are delicious! The trick is how to snack and lose weight.


The Health Screen.

Complete the Health Screen. It starts on the homepage and takes less than a minute. Your information provided is entirely confidential and as Slim R Us is nurse led, be assured it is not shared with anyone. Every client of Slim R Us is an individual and each client screening is assessed as that. Online clients screen is particularly useful as the information shared with Slim R Us is very helpful, particularly when having an online Zoom conference with Karen.

Remember to think of the 4 ways to Stay on Track.

  1. Have healthy food in the cupboard.
  2. Plan your meals.
  3. Be kind to yourself and reward your progress.
  4. Think positive.

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