The Best Weight Loss Programs Have to be Healthy

5 Tips to lose weight from Slim R Us

The Best Weight Loss Programs Have to be Healthy! That is how weight loss changes your life. Just as we de-cluttered during lockdown, we also have to de-clutter our minds from the endless fashionable diets of the year that the Hollywood stars are promoting.

How are you going to benefit from Weight Loss?

We’ve just come out of the Paris, London, Milan fashion weeks. The reality is, we’re not going to be on the catwalks, and we might not be models for Versace or whoever the big name is there. But your weight loss success will be a model for Slim R Us!

Are you going to benefit from weight loss? Definitely, because Slim R Us is one of The Best Weight Loss Programs around with a proven success record.

The benefits are pretty obvious! You’re going to be getting smaller clothes, FIT into your clothes! That’s what weight loss is about! That is the difference that weight loss is going to make for you.

Slim R Us model weight loss at the fashion show Radisson Hotel, Letterkenny, Donegal
Slim R Us Fashion Show

Plan ahead for weight loss.

So here we are into October, and we are so many weeks out, from the Christmas season starting. There, I said it, but it starts earlier and earlier each year! This year is an exciting year with everything re-opened, there is a sense of great excitement in the air. Let’s be honest, we really did not have much to be excited about last year.

We’re now thinking ahead, something that we probably didn’t do last year, because most of us probably thought well, you know, what’s the point, we’re not going anywhere!!

So you’re saying to yourself, I want to lose weight for Christmas and I want to look my absolute best!

Girls attending the Slim R Us Fashion Show Letterkenny Radisson Hotel
The Slim R Us Party Night!

What about the crash diet?

The Best Weight Loss Programs have to be part of normal everyday life. They need to be healthy and sustainable, with nutrition a priority. Not these flash in the pan, drinks and smoothies and other crash diets that leave you weak and drained.

I know some people will opt for the quick flash diet! Hands up! I’ve done that myself in my youthful past, looking for the quick fix. I have done it and the fact of the matter is, you can lose weight fairly quickly in a week or two, a lot of it. There’s no doubt because you’ve been on an absolute starvation diet.

But that weight comes back on as soon as you start eating normal everyday family food.

Is Slim R Us the best weight loss program?

Absolutely yes, Slim R Us is the best! I have no hesitation in saying that! The success rate is phenomenal and the joy on clients faces as they are losing weight is what makes my job so rewarding!

We’re thinking towards Christmas, and we’re saying to ourselves, what is the best program that I can go on to help me lose weight?  I say it is about taking it step by step, a day at a time. You did not gain weight overnight, and you’re not going to lose weight overnight.

Slim R Us is a very healthy, balanced, nutritious eating plan. As a nurse, I monitor your progress from each week to ensure that you are losing weight in a healthy and sustained way.

It is about having normal, everyday family food. It’s about incorporating those everyday events that happen, into your lifestyle. For example, birthdays, weekends away, or even the visitors coming. It is about incorporating all of that in with your healthy eating plan, and still successfully losing weight.

Slim R Us models in Letterkenny, Donegal who chose The Best Weight Loss Programs
On the Slim R Us Catwalk

How much weight should I lose?

This is a question many clients would ask? There is a lot of reliance on charts and numbers, in fact in many cases too much. In a personal capacity, if I was to be the weight advised on a chart, particularly at my ripening age, I would look decidedly skeletal. As we start to age, a healthy weight that is easy to maintain is what I advise in Slim R Us. What we wanted as teens and in our twenties is much different to what we want now.

Younger clients are no different. They want to look and feel their best and buy fashionable dresses featuring on magazine covers! However, the same Slim R Us principle in any of The Best Weight Loss Programs, of a healthy weight that is low maintenance must still apply.

Christmas weight loss with Slim R Us.

First, be realistic with your weight loss goals. It is almost mid-October and losing 5 stones for Christmas is not going to happen in Slim R Us in a matter of weeks. It is one day at a time.

Book Your Consultation Online with me. That is the first step, whether you come to the clinic or are an Online Client. You get an automatic confirmation and reminder. Everyone is seen privately and confidentially, and that is regardless of whether you come In-House or you are an Online Member. 

The next step is we sit and discuss your personal situation. This is in person, or virtual for Online Members. Very often, there are other issues in your life that is affecting your weight.

Struggling to lose weight some weeks?

I am very proud of the successful weight losses, my clients are enjoying. Of course, there are going to be weeks that you won’t lose weight for one reason or another, and it is something that I explore with you. You may have questions that need resolved.

When we sit down to talk about those weeks, it could be you just had a good weekend away. It could be a hormonal reason, or indeed it could be a certain medication?

Help is afoot at Slim R Us to lose weight

Perhaps you are retaining fluid, or it could be as simple as being constipated. There are reasons why someone may not lose weight on a particular week, but we work hard to find the answers.

Slim R Us encourages variety in your diet, and that, coupled with an active lifestyle, will ensure that you are losing weight.

While you may not be on the catwalk or Milan next year, you will definitely be on the Slim R Us catwalk!

Slim R Us Modelling at the Wedding Fair in the Radisson Letterkenny
Slim R Us Models on the Catwalk for the Wedding Fair

Weight loss success

Have a look at the Success Stories of clients who, thankfully, allowed me to share their stories with you.

These are their words.

Those are their before and after pictures, and they have been determined and motivated. Successfully losing their weight, regardless, whether it was one stone or six stones that they had to lose. Everybody is different and everybody’s approach to weight loss is different.

So when someone asks, what is the best program to lose weight?  I want to scream out  it is Slim R Us! We have been successful for the past 10 years and in fact, we celebrated 10 years of Slim R Us last week.

I am so proud of all my clients and everybody who has lost weight  in Slim R Us all over those years.

I hope you enjoy the Slim R Us YouTube Vlogs also!

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