The easiest weight loss success plan ever!

How to lose weight at home

The easiest weight loss plan that will cause us the least misery is what we all search for! Is there such a thing? After all, the weight we gained has come about as the result of over indulging in our favourite foods, and that certainly wasn’t lettuce and steamed cauliflower! Bars, chocolate, snacks in between meals, all contributed to those extra pounds, among other things! So, are there easy ways to lose weight out there? Well, actually yes! But it starts with you and your relationship with food and snacking. Slim R Us promotes a healthy, balanced diet, that includes simply normal everyday family food. Did you know there is a Slim R Us channel with regular video demonstrations! Subscribe to it and get notified when new videos are added!

Throw away the calculators. This obsession with counting every single morsel of food that you put into your mouth would drive you to distraction!

Weight loss friendly foods


Over the last couple of decades, I can honestly say I have tried most diets. Being directed to certain products to help me lose my weight, is part of a multibillion-Euro business. Whether it’s frozen foods, so-called healthy bars, or magazines, I have little time for promotions of weight loss friendly foods, that are often far from friendly.

The Slim R Us plan is not so much a plan, but a normal life. It should be renamed the Slim R Us life, actually! Portion control, eating regularly as in not skipping meals, including lots of vegetables and increasing fluid intake, are some ways to successfully lose weight.

How to make noodles tasty
Simple, easy family food!

Sometimes, people think eating a gluten-free diet is the way to lose weight or having diabetic sugar-free  products. If you do not suffer from Coeliac Disease or Diabetes, be thankful, and eat normal foods. Frequently, diabetic products in particular, come with a high calorie value even though they are sugar-free!

Don’t start me on protein bars! Have you looked at the label? Honestly, a piece of chicken or an egg has as much protein, and definitely more value in them. Once again, these are located at eye level in supermarkets. Designed to get into the subconsciousness, and convince people to buy these high-priced products that only feed the overweight multibillion Euro weight loss trains. Pardon the pun!

How to lose weight at home


The reality is that no matter what diet, weight loss plan or whatever it is you do, weight loss is done at home! Once someone is weighed, at their consultation, and just a reminder that all consultations in Slim R Us are private one2one, the real work of losing weight at home, starts after they leave the clinic.

It starts in the shop. Lingering in the chocolate and biscuit aisle is to be avoided. There will be no unexpected visitors these days, so a supply of bars or biscuits is not needed! Have a shopping list ready and fill the store cupboard with some necessities. I did an article recently on just that!

The best way to lose weight is to keep it simple
Plan to succeed by planning your store cupboard ingredients.

Plan your meals. Don’t wait until you are starved with hunger, before cooking something. It is difficult to focus on healthy eating, when hunger pangs are beating their way to the press, for the children’s treats!

Join Slim R Us online. There are some great special offers. If coming to an in-house consultation is not possible for you, remember you can book your free virtual Zoom conference with Karen each month. Did you know Karen is a Registered General Nurse? All clients are treated with dignity, respect and the utmost confidentiality.

Slim R U Special Offers Online membership
Join Slim R Us online! Some fantastic special offers!

Easy ways to burn calories


We are always burning calories, even in our sleep! Calories are a unit of energy, and we need those to survive, to breathe, to move and yes to eat! So, even as you sleep, you are actually burning calories. So if you are always burning calories, why are you overweight, you might well ask! Well, the problem is we consume more calories than we burn – in a nutshell! By the way, nuts are very good for you and a healthy snack, but not when you are trying to lose weight!

Slim R Us encourages clients to start moving a little more. Even if your mobility is restricted, just a little movement is exercise! I love that phrase, and it is used by the physio clinic I attend for Pilates! Although in hindsight, I don’t recall the instructor ever saying to me to just use a little movement! He likes to see my face having a pink glow with a sheen!

Enjoy this week’s recipe! Well, actually it’s not so much a recipe,  more of a simple tip on how to poach an egg! They can be tricky!

Weight loss friendly foods
It’s nice to have ALL the egg, when it’s poached!

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