Walking for weight loss also improves your mood

How much walking should I do to lose weight

Walking for weight loss is okay for those who really like walking. For others, it can be like a penance! Getting fresh air, smelling the flowers, waving to the neighbours is all very well, if your heart is in it. I recall hearing a sports psychologist giving advice in a radio interview one day after Christmas a couple of years ago. January is typically a month when people start into really active fitness programmes. His advice was very simple. If you do not like going to a gym, why join one? If boot camp is not your idea of fun, don’t start one. So, choose a form of exercise that you enjoy, and he gave the example of walking.

Walking for Healthy Weight Loss


It’s free, which is a bonus. Even just to get outside and clear your head makes you feel good, especially for example, if you are in the Menopause and struggling with weight gain! Perhaps you have a stressful job or a young family? Obesity can have adverse, stressful effects psychologically. If you are not used to walking, look at your watch, walk out the front door and turn for home after 10 minutes. If you do that 3 days per week, you have added an extra hour of exercise to your life! Build up each week by adding an extra 5 minutes, extra day or both! Everything should be gradual, and that way you will find it easier to do. There are some great exercise videos to watch, ranging from Pilates instructors, Yoga, spinning or whatever your preference is!

Movement is exercise

How much should I walk a day to lose weight?


I remember attending a weight loss group about 20 years ago, maybe it was even longer than that, but I don’t want to admit it! The leader of the group was a very keen walker. I always recall her advice that if you are walking for weight loss, the technique is as important as the distance covered. Dawdling along talking to your friend is fabulous relaxation, and you find out all the news, but as a fitness exercise, it probably doesn’t yield great results. I hasten to add, I am a nurse and most definitely not a physical therapist. However, her advice has stayed with me all these years. Swing your arms and take big strides, as it really works not just the leg muscles, but the tummy and arms also!

Can you get in shape just by walking


Absolutely, and I am sure that any fitness expert would agree with me. Get out walking, and it helps you get in shape, and lose belly fat. It always clears your head of all the day-to-day clutter and stress! It improves your mood, helps you relax better and sleep better at night. This has a knock-on effect for your wider health and can actually lead to decreasing the risk of some diseases.

Walking improves the mood

What are the benefits of walking?


I have never heard anyone say walking is bad for you! It also has the additional benefit of burning those extra calories. It is simple mathematics because when you are burning more than you are consuming, you will lose weight. The quicker you walk, as in a faster pace, the more energy you will use. Remember, to avoid the effects of dehydration, which can cause nasty muscle cramps and light headedness, drink extra fluids.

A healthy balanced diet combined with some form of exercise according to your ability will boost your weight loss, tone your muscles, and you will feel the results. If you are physically unable to walk because of a medical condition, movement while sitting in the chair is also activity. Leg raises, and arm lifts are just as important and will keep blood flowing to those muscles. This is particularly true for people who suffer from severe arthritis.

The benefits of walking

How many steps per day is considered active exercise for weight loss


There is such a fascination with step counters! Lots of gadgets are on the market to record your every move and every last calorie you burn! I used to have a watch that told me how many calories I burned in my sleep, which made me wonder if I should stay in bed until I reached my weight loss goal! The simple way to calculate what you are doing is to just add a little extra each day or every other day.

How many steps per day is considered active exercise for weight loss

Walking for charity is a fun way of motivating yourself to get out and walk. You just need a decent pair of walking shoes, some water and a lot of spirit! If you are lucky, sun tan lotion might also be a prerequisite!

Before you head for the hills, think about the appetite you will be working up! Prepare something in advance to cook that is going to be easy and tasty. This home-made marinade can be prepared in less than 5 minutes. Pop your chicken, fish or whatever you are having into a zip lock bag with the marinade, and it will work it’s magic while you are gone!

Tasty Easy Marinade



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