What is the Trick to Losing Weight? The Devil is in the Detail

Trick to losing weight

What is the trick to losing weight? It’s the burning question for centuries.

All sorts of fads have been invented, put forward and have been the popular ‘diet’ to follow. The low carb, the high fat, the protein diet, the red sauce diet, the brown sauce diet, the detox diet and so on. Some just get more and more ridiculous. The reality is if there was a tablet or a procedure discovered that we could swallow and have the perceived perfect body, the perfect metabolism, the perfect shape – I think we would all be given it in the morning – like a vaccine!

The weight loss industry is massive. It generates billions and billions, probably trillions of euro every year. Pardon my pun, but we feed this industry. We are constantly searching for that ‘diet’ that works. The diet that we will lose weight without much effort. The diet that once we lose, it will stay off, even if we revert back to out ‘old ways’. Alas, that one has not been found!

What makes losing weight with Slim R Us different?

Simply put – we keep it simple! We encourage normal, everyday family food. Slim R Us weight loss is not about fasting, starving, counting or calculating. It is honest to goodness food that you buy in the supermarkets and shops the world over. It is cooking meals that the entire family can sit and enjoy together, rather than you sitting watching them tuck in while you sip your water listening to a rumbling tummy because you have run out of calories or time or whatever it is you are following.

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Enjoy family food and still successfully lose weight.

I know a lot of you are struggling right now. The world is in a health crisis and that can impact our day to day mental well-being also. Losing weight may not be a top priority right now, but eating a nourishing, well-balanced diet is even more crucial these days. Plus, introduce some form of exercise – whether it is a light walk around the park or outside your house to good intense cardio. Whatever you choose, this will help to release all sorts of hormones to help you to live a normal and healthy lifestyle.

For online members, please remember, there is a private Zoom conference available to you. I am only too happy to talk with you through your difficulties, particularly if you are struggling right now.

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