How to make plain noodles taste better

how to make plain noodles tasty for a picnic or a barbecue

How to make plain noodles taste better when you are planning a nice picnic and can be prepared in minutes, is demonstrated today. Noodles can be quite bland and need some form of seasoning to make them more palatable. They are more frequently used in and make a great addition to a stir-fry. However, in this recipe they will be the star of the salad. You might whip up this noodle salad as a quick side dish for the garden barbecue or for a beach picnic.

How to make plain noodles taste better, lose weight and enjoy tasty family food.

How to make plain noodles taste better for a picnic or barbecue
Another version of noodles in a salad

As we emerge from lockdown and life slowly returns to normality, food will always be at the centre of events and celebrations. As soon as the sun makes its annual appearance, we have a mass exodus to the coasts and parks. Rightly so! Weight gain has been the common theme of lockdown questions Slim R Us has received. Normal everyday family food and making smart choices are the key to successfully losing weight. When you are preparing your picnic and barbecue, think Smart! Food is at the heart of our social lives. Preparing tasty meals that do not jeopardise weight loss goals is a priority. But taste is the key. So when the question is how to make plain noodles taste better for the beach picnic, I always recommend using personal taste. There are so many recipes, tips to encourage you from other people and great ideas online!


How to make plain noodles taste better with home-made Chilli oil.

  • Heat your preferred quantity of rapeseed oil and add finely chopped chillis.
  • Be careful not to overheat.
  • Turn off the cooker and allow the chilli to infuse with the oil.
  • Pour into a glass bottle and refrigerate.
  • You can use garlic, herbs or any preferred seasoning to chillis.


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