Karen is a Registered General Nurse. She has experience of working in many environments in several countries.

Slim R Us was founded by Karen in 2011 after a lifetime of her personal battle with weight issues.

Slim R Us has developed into one of the leading weight loss organisations built on empathy, understanding and professionalism.

Professional weight loss help is at the core of Slim R Us principals. Knowing what it is like to be overweight, and having struggled to lose weight on so many occasions, is always at the heart of Karen's advice.

Your Consultations are private and confidential. Online Clients feel as much at home with Karen in their virtual Consultations as those who see her in her clinic.

Inspirational weight loss with the Slim R Us Story!

Sleep apnoea can be a serious sleep disruption.

Your breathing can stop and start, and very often you jolt awake. If you snore loudly and feel tired even after a full night's sleep, you might have sleep apnoea.

One of the fantastic Benefits of Weight Loss is a very positive effect on your snoring and sleep apnoea.


Absolutely! Sometimes you feel you are swimming against the tide, trying to lose weight when you suffer from Arthritis, whether it is Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis, especially as getting active can be very painful.

Have a look at some Slim R Us tips on Arthritis Management when trying to lose weight.

Unfortunately, arthritis is irreversible and cartilage does not regrow. But management of pain is very important as that way, losing weight becomes achievable. Arthritis pain and weight loss can both be reduced, and in so doing, helps prevent further damage to those weight-bearing joints.

Slim R Us promotes a healthy eating plan by making smart choices, moderation and portion control.

We pride ourselves on years of success by following a very simple formula of eating normal everyday family food.

We don't sit counting, weighing or calculating what we have eaten.

For the vast majority of people who have weight issues, it can often be identified as snacking and nibbling too much in between meals. 


Your weight fluctuates several times during the day and over the course of a week. It is recommended to weigh weekly, as near as possible to the same time.

Book a Consultation with Karen.

You will have a full weight composition carried out including your body fat, muscle, BMI, resting metabolism and visceral fat analysis.

These statistics are very helpful, particularly for example on a week when you have done extra exercise. 

Isn't it frustrating when you have worked really hard and not to have the results you expected?

Karen can analyse your results and when muscle percentage has increased - muscle weighs heavier than fat - this can be reflected on the scales.

Slim R Us promotes a healthy weight loss. Did you know that if you lost a healthy 1lb per week – that is almost 4 stones per year!

We are always in a rush to lose weight that took months or years to gain!

There are two ways of joining Slim R Us

Join as an Online Member, and access all the service's just like clients who come to clinic appointments experience.

The flexibility of being able to weigh at home, record your weight online, and then book your virtual consultation is all included in your monthly membership.

The clinic is in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, where you can sit with our Nurse privately and Confidentially whether you are in person or virtually.

You will be surprised at how much you will learn about yourself!

It really makes you think about how you snack & how frequently you nibble in between meals?

Do you exercise?

Do you skip meals?

How are you sleeping?

All the answers you submit are immediately seen by our Nurse.

Make sure to claim your free 3-day Recipe Plan at the end.

By completing the Health Screen, you can avail of Fantastic Special Membership Offers. 

It's a two minute Free Health Screen!

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