Struggling to lose weight despite diet and exercise

The benefits of weight loss when you are struggling to get healthier

Struggling to lose weight can be very difficult to accept, particularly if it is despite following a healthy diet and exercising. There is no doubt there are circumstances which can be beyond your control, for example, a weight gain can be accounted by injuries, illness or just as simple as the Menopause! However, for most people, this theory doesn’t apply. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and consider what your healthy diet actually involves. I have a video on Slim R Us dealing with this very subject!

Alcohol and weight loss.


I’m just going to get to the heart of it without being a party pooper. Everything is about moderation. The reality is if you are drinking alcohol Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, weight loss is not going to follow as easy as it should. Alcohol is empty calories, which means that it has zero nutritional value. The Saturday night tipple is also responsible for triggering the hungry part of the brain! Who hasn’t yearned for a curry chips after a few drinks! It is so difficult to make smart healthy choices when the brain is ordering from a completely different menu!

Alchol and weight loss
Alcohol is empty calories with zero nutrition

Can stress make it harder to lose weight?


This is not related to what I have just said, although for some people it is! Chilling with a Gin and Tonic after a hard week might feel like a stress reliever at the time, but the stress will still be there if not dealt with. Managing stress and depression is so important. It affects every part of our lives, particularly if you are struggling to lose weight.

The brain releases lots of hormones and levels of cortisol can be elevated, with chronic and poorly managed stress. This in turn can increase your appetite, which leaves you swimming against the tide with your weight loss intentions.

For those of us who have weight issues, we have for the most part turned to food to help relieve or at the very least forget about the cause of our stress. Even a simple unexpected bill arriving in the post, can lead to the kettle going on and the biscuit jar being raided.

Talk to Karen about your diffficulties with weight loss
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Medical conditions and weight gain.


Some medications to treat long term illnesses may impact your weight. The first thing to do is discuss it with your doctor and explain how you are struggling to lose weight. Perhaps the dosage can be adjusted or a different type used. I don’t want to make a list of possible conditions affected for fear someone may decide to suddenly stop medication. It is so important to always discuss this and any other issues with your healthcare provider.

Next week, I am going to be discussing arthritis and weight issues. As a sufferer of osteoarthritis, I have personal experience, especially when there is a flare of pain and exercise is the last thing you want to do!

Why do we gain weight as we age?

Only lost one pound of weight
The dripping tap fills a bucket

Or perhaps I should re-phrase that and pose the question if it is harder to lose weight as we get older? On the one hand, younger people can cut out a few things when they want to lose a little weight quickly and for a certain occasion. But consider what a younger person actually cuts out for that speedy, dramatic result. Is it the couple of takeaways or the few beers? High calorie foods and drinks that will make a dramatic difference in a short space of time. However, remember, it is only long term balanced weight loss that will actually provide sustainable and successful results. Pop over to the Slim R Us homepage and complete the Health Screen. It might make you think a little of your eating and exercise habits!

Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight


I often say I am not a fitness expert, but personally I do a lot of reformer Pilates. This type of resistance training which is in a controlled setting, builds muscle mass which in turn can help you burn more calories, especially at rest and jump start your weight loss also!

Motivate yourself to lose weight
Snacks don’t always have to involve biscuits!

So, let’s get back to what I asked at the start. Do you think you actually are eating a healthy diet? Do you over-snack on unhealthy foods? Slim R Us promotes a healthy eating lifestyle with lots of vegetables, fruit, protein and yes carbs also! Everything is in moderation and while we enjoy crackers and crispbreads as opposed to breads and scones, moderation and making smart choices are the real key to successful weight loss.

How do I stop obsessing about food?


I talk about this all the time in Slim R Us. It is the reason why this is a normal family food lifestyle.

Occasionally I talk about calories, but more in the sense of an analogy. For example, a light beer has around 100 calories in it. Empty calories as I stated above with no nutritious value whatsoever. Having one of those every day amounts to 700 calories in a week or almost 3000 calories per month. Useless, good for nothing empty calories just adding to more belly fat, which is not good.

How do I stop obsessing about food
Slim R Us promotes normal everyday family food!

We count our treats, but in a general sense. We do not sit and calorie count our food. It would drive me nuts, and I think it leads to an obsessional relationship with food. One take away in the week is a treat. It’s about a realistic balance and using common sense. Do not expect weight loss if you are visiting the chippie 3 nights each week.

Here is a very simple grated carrot and beetroot salad recipe for you to try out. Perfect for taking to the beach on a nice sunny day.

Simple summer salad of grated carrot and beetroot

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