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Losing weight is not a life sentence! Slim R Us offer healthy weight loss tips, tasty recipe ideas, and lots of motivational support.

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''Being a member of Slim R Us was a great experience.

Karen was so professional in dealing with me as a newcomer. ' Nuala


"Karen is passionate and professional about helping her clients struggling with weight loss.

She does everything with humour, and humour and makes people feel good." Mary


''Karen makes losing weight enjoyable, her daily recipes are delicious.

Of all the slimming programmes I’ve done over the years,

Slim R Us is definitely the best'' Moya


Slim R Us Testimonials

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Pictures speak louder than words and with a young family to care for, Marie has continued to cook healthy options and take regular exercise.

Marie said the Weight Loss Energy she got, after shedding several stones, gave her more time to share with her young family.

She said the Slim R Us encouragement helped her so much.

Marie O'Flanagan

Pamela still enjoyed her holidays and weekends away, with family and friends.

She was able to have her treats, cook amazing Healthy Delicious Food from the Slim R Us Recipes and still successfully lose weight. Pamela said the secret for her was always getting straight back to her consultation, even on those weeks she didn’t feel like it.

Pamela said 'Slim R Us is such a fab class' in tribute! Likewise, Slim R Us is equally proud of Pamela!

Pamela Ewing

Weight does not magically disappear overnight, and it takes the desire to feel and look better, one day at a time.

Rebecca said the health benefits of weight loss have been incredible. Her Slim R Us clinic each week was not to be missed! Congratulations to your fabulous commitment, Rebecca!

Rebecca Neely

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