Consistency not Obsessive Calorie Counting

How many calories should I be eating to lose weight

Consistency not obsessive calorie counting is the key to weight loss. A sports person has to be consistent in training, otherwise they will either overtrain or under train. As the Olympics, in Japan, draw to a close it is clear from the commitment of every athlete the key to their success was consistency.  It is the same with trying to lose weight. Consistency every single week about what to do, what to eat, and a plan. That is, where real success and weight loss comes from. So how can you get consistency? How can you get motivated to lose weight, be driven and focused? Adopting a balanced and nutritious lifestyle is central to consistency.

Focus on wellness, as another key to weight loss

Shopping after consistent, not obsessive calorie counting,  weight loss

What you have to look at is, where do you see yourself? How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself as a 15 stone person, because what you see is the result that you’re going to get! You will always stay the 15 stone person, if you do not show some consistency about how you think about a healthier lifestyle. Quality matters when it comes to health and your food. Healthy eating is about having quality meals, balanced tasty and nutritious. Include protein, vegetables, carbohydrates, fruit and grains. That is what healthy eating is about. Plan ahead with a shopping list of essential store cupboard ingredients when going into the supermarket. Browsing the biscuit or the confectionery aisle can lead to distractions, with unnecessary treats in a trolley leading to  never ending snacking and grazing.

Why is healthy eating important?

I was almost 21 stones, and it was absolutely down to overeating, over grazing on chocolate and sugar. That was how I saw my life. It was never going to change until I became consistent about how I was going to lose weight. A healthy plate of food is different for everybody. A sports person, enjoying a healthy lifestyle burning a lot more calories, will sit down with a plate of healthy food. This is totally different to someone of, for example, my age who would sit down also and enjoy a plate of healthy food, but they are 2 totally different plates of food. Slim R Us promotes normal everyday family food as part of a healthy lifestyle. It is about Consistency and Not Obsessive Calorie Counting, eating balanced meals, and moderation.

Persistence, variety and moderation

Practice moderation to unlock the key to weight loss, because, portion control, and still enjoy those snacks or treats. However,  you have to know what is it that sets you off? What does that little ticking clock in your brain do when it spots a bar of chocolate or a bag of crisps? Your brain has been programmed, after many years of practice, to snacking and grazing! Now it is time to change the focus of what your brain is telling you. In Slim R Us, consistency is the key to weight loss and portion control. Lot of vegetables on our plates.  In fact, half our plate is full of vegetables. It is about a balanced, healthy diet. It is not about counting calories.

Portion control and consistency, not obsessive calorie counting is key to weight loss

What’s wrong with counting calories?

I could not personally sit down and start counting calories all day long. It would actually annoy my happiness – and I think life is much too important to most of us – to have to start counting and calculating. Consistency, not Obsessive Calorie Counting is the key to weight loss. Not all calories are created equal! Remember, having a healthy lifestyle and enjoying healthy food is sitting down and having quality meal times with your family and friends.  Something that you might have strayed away from. It is very easy when you sit down focused on the TV, and you suddenly have finished your meal. You didn’t even taste it, you didn’t know what was on your plate.

Portion control is key to steady weight loss

Making smart choices in Slim R Us

Slim R Us talks about making smart choices. It’s about going into a restaurant and looking at that menu and making the smart choice by asking for boiled rice instead of fried rice.  Asking for steamed vegetables instead of vegetables that have been cooked in butter. Selecting baked potato over chips.

So, how do you stay motivated? Well, actually, I always think that weight loss keeps you motivated and knowing that Consistency, not Obsessive Calorie Counting is the key to weight loss. Whether you are an online member of Slim R Us or come to see me in a private consultation, the one thing that keeps everybody motivated, including myself, is weight, loss. Consistency is the key to weight loss, without doubt, and our client’s success proves that. We talk about moderation, about making smart choices and about normal, everyday family food.

Can I eat treats on a diet?

Of course, Slim R Us is not considered a diet. It’s a healthy lifestyle choice. It’s about consistency, making healthier choices and portion control. Looking at some questions posed on the Internet about weight loss and answers from so called experts is scary sometimes.

Staying in control, having your treats, and I’m always saying a treat is only a treat when it is a treat, but if it is any more than that, if it’s Friday Saturday and Sunday, then the treat is a habit. So going forward, always think the key to weight loss is consistency.

Have you completed the free Health Screen on the homepage? It will give you an idea of your eating habits. Do you skip breakfast or lunch? Do you exercise? How do you sleep at night? These are all important questions as part of your weight loss journey.

Weight loss online with Slim R Us.

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Consistency and healthy recipes are the keys to weight loss

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