One Step at a Time

One Step at a Time for successful weight loss

One Step at a Time when you want to lose weight makes your goal much more achievable. A healthier diet and lifestyle is successful with just a little planning!

You have to make a decision here. Standing at the crossroads, and you know want to go in one direction, but there are a couple of different routes.

  • The Mountain Route, with rugged climbs and narrow paths, teetering on the edge.
  • The Ocean Route with roaring waves and surf just breaking occasionally for breath.
  • The Scenic Route with rolling fairways and soft underfoot.
Healthy breakfasts will start the day on a positive tone in menopause.
Healthy Breakfast starts a positive day.

Personally, the scenic route offers the most gentle of passages! It really is a bout taking it One Step at a Time!  Being prepared for every eventuality makes it so much easier.  For successful weight loss, pay attention to

  1. Healthier eating habits

  2. Lead a more active lifestyle

What does an active lifestyle mean?


Walking for weight loss is okay for those who really like walking and taking it One Step at a Time. However, the benefits of weight loss on mental health by just getting out for some fresh air clears your mind and really helps motivate you.  For others, it can be like a penance! Getting fresh air, smelling the flowers, waving to the neighbours is all very well, if your heart is in it.

I recall hearing a sports psychologist giving advice in a radio interview one day after Christmas a couple of years ago. January is typically a month when people start into really active fitness programmes. His advice was very simple. If you do not like going to a gym, why join one? If boot camp is not your idea of fun, don’t start one. So, choose a form of exercise that you enjoy, and he gave the example of walking.

Taking steps for weight loss


Ask anyone who has a lot of weight to lose. Would they prefer to carry all the weight in exchange for some sagging skin?  With certainty, I know the answer is the latter! When it comes to being overweight, we often resort to any excuse to avoid the inevitable. Incredibly, the fear of sagging skin has been used as a reason to avoid losing weight. Everything takes time, and it is always One Step at a Time.

Lose weight in 2022


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