Having the munchies


Having the munchies

Is your sweet tooth grinding your weight loss plans to a halt? Having the munchies or a snack attack? Here are some of the Top 10 Common Reasons why we struggle to lose weight. Fasting for weight loss? Some people decide to skip breakfast, or other main meals, and that is not advised in Slim …

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Slim R us Black Friday Big Deals and Special online membership offers

Slim R Us Black Friday Deals

Slim R Us Black Friday Online Membership Deal These amazing offers are available on Black Friday at whopping special offers! ONE YEAR online memberships €180.00 – that’s a FANTASTIC 40% OFF the full price!. This offer is expires at midnight on Cyber Monday. Losing weight online is for those who cannot get to an in-house …

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How can I stop Binge Eating and Having the Munchies before Christmas and Lose Weight

Binge eating before Christmas

It gets earlier every year! No doubt about it – the Yuletide celebrations start to kick in half way through October! Traditionally, seasonal nibbles were rarely seen in shops before the 8th December. It really is a big problem for those who struggle to lose weight and start a habit of binge eating before Christmas. …

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Spicy Tomato Chicken makes a perfect Lighter Christmas dinner to add to your wish list!

A Lighter Christmas

A Lighter Christmas can be wishful thinking or well earned weight loss. Slim R Us has always advocated that making smart choices is the only way to successfully lose weight. Your mindset will reflect on how you approach your weight loss journey. If you are expecting overnight results, you are really going to struggle. The …

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Lose weight for Christmas

Lose weight for Christmas

Tis the season for weight loss It’s so obvious, but we just keep battling against it mentally! We all want to Lose weight for Christmas especially post Halloween.  It is so easy feel a little down after the excessive treats. It is almost like Christmas has overnight loomed on the horizon! Slim R Us is …

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Healthy tasty lunch ideas with egg and salad

Tasty healthy lunch ideas

Tasty healthy lunch ideas are probably the one thing that many people struggle with most. Today, I am sharing a few lunch ideas, which I hope you will find helpful. Sandwiches are so easy to make and can be very tasty, however they are usually not compatible with weight loss. It’s not to say you …

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Home made egg fried rice Ito Eat well and lose weight

Eat well and lose weight

Eat well and lose weight without the pressure of dieting is the issue most overweight people struggle with. Weight loss is a funny business, it can make you laugh and cry at the same time! I love food and slowly realised that food, good tasty food, is the key to the best weight loss healthy …

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Love Donegal Pan Fried Hake with Rissotto

Love Donegal 2022

Love Donegal 2022 by using the hashtag #LoveDonegal in all your social media posts! Today’s post is actually a really early morning start for me, but I just wanted to wish everybody, whether you live here in Donegal or anywhere around the world, a very happy #LoveDonegal day.  It is an excellent initiative from everybody …

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Chocolate Easter Treats can be healthy

Easter Treats

Easter Treats like a little chocolate can go a long way, but there are not many of us who can stop at just a little. Controlling sugar craves can make it difficult to getting back on track, after a splurge of chocolate! As Easter 2022 approaches, shops are packing chocolate eggs in every available space. …

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Sleep Apnoea and Snoring leads to exhaustion and feeling fragile during the day

Sleep Apnoea and Snoring

Sleep apnoea and snoring is pretty disturbing. Not only for the person suffering but also those in proximity who also have their sleep disturbed. Did you know, there’s a lot of fat that can gather around your neck, and that is the big cause of snoring, and sleep apnoea? Losing up to five percent of …

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