Sticking To a Diet


Sticking to a diet with Healthy snacking for successful weight loss

Sticking To a Diet

For most of us, sticking to a diet, any diet, can be tricky if it’s a complicated plan. Life can be difficult enough without adding to our woes. Weight loss can be an especially challenging journey for most of us. Consequently the challenge of actually just getting started, or indeed getting back on track can […]

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When weight becomes a Burden check the Slim R Us Health Screen for 2022

When Weight Becomes a Burden

Experiencing physical and mental challenges when weight becomes a burden, can be overwhelming for many of us. It affects various aspects of life, including mobility, self-esteem, and overall well-being. However, it is essential to recognize that these challenges can be overcome with determination, support, and a positive mindset. Slim R Us delves into strategies for

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The energy of weight loss

The energy of weight loss and its benefits are startling and almost immediately felt by improved sleeping at night. It may be a pound or two of weight loss, but the effects of a healthier diet are easily noticeable. There are very few people who haven’t been told by their doctor to lose weight at

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IBS and weight loss Symptoms

IBS and weight loss

IBS known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and weight loss is very much dependent on each individual. It can flare at various times and recede again. . IBS, as it is more commonly known, is best diagnosed by your doctor to rule out other potential conditions that can mimic the symptoms. This is a digestive disorder

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How can I stop Binge Eating and Having the Munchies before Christmas and Lose Weight

How to stop binge-eating

Why can I not stop eating and compulsive snacking? So why is it you just can’t seem to get back on track. How to stop binge-eating is literally eating you up? Do you try to blame other factors in your life? Perhaps your job is stressful, or are you blaming a weight gain on the

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Having the munchies

Is your sweet tooth grinding your weight loss plans to a halt? Having the munchies or a snack attack? Here are some of the Top 10 Common Reasons why we struggle to lose weight. Fasting for weight loss? Some people decide to skip breakfast, or other main meals, and that is not advised in Slim

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Slim R us Black Friday Big Deals and Special online membership offers

Slim R Us Black Friday Deals

Slim R Us Black Friday Online Membership Deal These amazing offers are available on Black Friday at whopping special offers! ONE YEAR online memberships €180.00 – that’s a FANTASTIC 40% OFF the full price!. This offer is expires at midnight on Cyber Monday. Losing weight online is for those who cannot get to an in-house

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How can I stop Binge Eating and Having the Munchies before Christmas and Lose Weight

Binge eating before Christmas

It gets earlier every year! No doubt about it – the Yuletide celebrations start to kick in half way through October! Traditionally, seasonal nibbles were rarely seen in shops before the 8th December. It really is a big problem for those who struggle to lose weight and start a habit of binge eating before Christmas.

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