How to lose a Christmas Weight gain

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How to lose a Christmas Weight gain after a little over indulging, starts with a fresh start!

Seasonal weight gain


Most of us spend months trying to lose as much weight as we can for Christmas and holidays. But, when those events have passed, the feeling of disappointment at regaining lost weight can be overwhelming, This can in turn lead to an even further gain.

A fresh start is always the best place to start, and today is the best time to start!

Plan weight loss


The constant sugar rush and hunger pangs in between meals, all contributed to those extra pounds, among other things, and that happens to the majority of us over Christmas.

How to lose a Christmas Weight gain as excess weight will not come off overnight, so have patience and give yourself time.

Introduce healthier meals

A healthy, balanced lifestyle must include a nutritious diet and a regular exercise programme. Constantly counting, calculating and worrying about the next morsel of food is neither healthy nor balanced.

How to lose a Christmas Weight gain is to avoid the temptation of skipping meals to lose weight faster. Starvation diets are unhealthy and never work.

Start a simple exercise régime. Start off with little short walks, taking it step by step and gradually building up each week.

Avoid unregulated drinks and tablets


Slim R Us is a registered nurse led weight loss clinic. How to lose a Christmas Weight gain by healthy weight loss is promoted through a normal balanced diet.

A balanced diet, including a healthy breakfast, are central to unlocking the psychological obstacles to weight loss. Make time for a simple Poached Egg, or a tasty Mushroom Omelette.

Book your weight loss consultation


Slim R Us clinics in Letterkenny and Donegal are available to book online. All consultations both in the clinics and for online members are private One2One consultations.

Join Slim R Us in clinics or as an Online Member. A private 15-minute consultation is  €10. There are no missed week fees.

Online members can avail of a clinic discount when they also come in person.

There are excellent membership options and special offers available.


Complete the Health Screen


The Slim R Us Health Screen is a splendid way of finding out some habits that may have crept in to your lifestyle. Now is the time to do something about it. You might surprise yourself about what you learn! There is also a free 3-day plan at the end of the screening and some extra special membership offers.


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