When weight weighs you down physically and mentally

How can I be happy as I am losing weight

When weight weighs you down, it can be the most depressing feeling ever felt.  Not only physically but mentally also. Much as many of us try to hide behind a facade of not letting weight determine who we are, it can be hurtful, deep down. Everybody deals with weight issues differently. Some people find comfort in alcohol, which in itself leads to other problems prompting hunger and even more weight issues. Being overweight can also acutely affect every aspect of daily life. The benefits of weight loss are startling and almost immediately felt, even by improved sleeping at night! It may be a pound or two of weight loss, but the effects of a healthier diet are easily noticeable.

Struggling to lose weight


There are very few people who haven’t been told by their doctor to lose weight at some stage of their lives. Weight loss or a healthier balanced diet is recommended for so many conditions. That includes heart disease, type two diabetes, and indeed can reduce risks of other conditions such as lower back pain and high blood pressure.

There is no doubt, but there is a lot to gain from weight loss!

How to maintain weight after losing it?


Only lost one pound of weight
The dripping tap fills a bucket

This is probably the biggest issue that faces successful weight loss. Suddenly, there doesn’t seem to be a goal or target to reach. Well-intentioned friends or family start enticing you with some of your old favourites, and slowly you find the old habits starting to resurface. In Slim R Us, I always recommend clients continue to check in. I know exactly the issues involved, especially as I have lost over 9 stones.  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while incorporating treats is the optimal way to keeping those pounds at bay. Without doubt, people, including myself, gain pounds again if left unchecked. The trick is to stop the slide and call a halt. Remember, a treat is only a treat, when it is a treat. Otherwise, it just becomes another habit.

Unexplained weight loss

Have you ever done a Google search about a medical condition or symptoms you are exhibiting? In many cases, unexplained weight loss is one of the symptoms of any number of conditions that your search results show! The worry of unexplained loss of weight weighs you down as much as it does if the situation was reversed. Of course, if this does affect you, I most certainly recommend you see your doctor and discuss this with them. Unexplained weight loss absolutely should be investigated by a medical professional and not an internet search.

Does joint pain cause weight gain

For the rest of us, I am fairly sure, we can explain every ounce of weight loss. Where and even when we lost it! The work and effort we put into it. The disappointment and tears when we didn’t lose! The shopping for healthier food and trying to cook interesting recipes to help your weight loss journey! Indeed, every lost ounce can be accounted for!

Benefits of weight loss on joints, especially when weight weighs you down.

As I said last week, for every one pound you are overweight, that is the equivalent of three pounds of pressure on weight-bearing joints, particularly the knees. Weight loss reverses that equation! Imagine losing a stone of weight. That is lifting three stones of pressure from your knees! This is what my knee surgeon told me many years ago! Unfortunately for me, the arthritic damage was already done, and I am currently recuperating from a knee replacement.Why am I gaining weight when I am eating less and moving more better mental health

Shopping after weight loss

Where can you start? Should you wait until you have lost the desired amount of weight, or should you just go to the sales straight away? Would you buy something a little tighter to allow for that extra weight you intend to lose? Or do you get out the sewing machine and start adjusting clothes you already have in the wardrobe. It all depends on how much you love shopping, of course! Then there’s a budget to consider. If you have lost a lot of weight, perhaps it is an entire new wardrobe you need? I am far from a fashion guru, but I have watched some TV programmes where they recommend investing in a couple of good pieces and then adding to co-ordinate.

It’s all personal choice, but when weight weighs you down, there is no better feeling than reaching for and fitting into smaller sizes! I must tell you that I used to wear a size 28. As I started to lose those stones, even going into shops, it took me quite a while to reach for a smaller size to try on first. The habit of reaching for larger out sizes stayed with me for a long time, as I tried to believe I would fit into the smaller sizes!

Change for health

Skin wrinkling after weight loss.

Here’s something they don’t tell you about before embarking on your weight loss journey! Ask anyone who has a lot of weight to lose. Would they prefer to carry all the weight in exchange for some sagging skin? With certainty, I know the answer is the latter! The skin is made up of collagen and elastin fibres. Someone who has a moderate amount of weight to lose may have some loose skin, but this can retract over time, especially in younger people. When that skin has been stretched over a very long period of time, and there is a lot of weight loss, it may not retract. Sometimes people opt to have corrective surgery to tighten or remove the excess skin. It is all a personal choice.

Think vitamins in fresh fruits and vegetables!

Include vitamin C found in fruits, broccoli, brussels sprouts and try and include spinach, pumpkin and red bell peppers, in the diet. They are high in antioxidants and can improve skin elasticity.

How do I get serious about losing weight?

Most people spend a lot of time thinking about, and wanting to lose weight. Many are just fed up with weight loss groups and decide to go it alone. It is difficult without support and guidance. As a professional Registered General Nurse, in Slim R Us  confidentiality, support, guidance, and above all else, understanding is guaranteed. Regardless of weight or looks, be assured of being treated with the utmost respect. Many clients from around the country are online members and avail of the private Zoom Conference each month. This is free to online members, as well as the weekly updates, and support via the WhatsApp groups. Complete the Health Screen here. It makes you think about how you snack, sleep and exercise.

Naturally boost energy

Without doubt, excess weight can drive anyone into a negative mode. We don’t even realise this is happening. The benefits of weight loss on mental health are unquantifiable. Mood swings which are a feature of overweight are gone. Resting better, and getting a good night’s sleep improves overall well-being, giving more energy. Plus, it also helps to focus on what’s important in life. The energy you get from weight loss is incredible, because when weight weighs you down, it blocks out everything.

Look good, Feel Fantastic


Now you are free of this burden. Just being able to get out for a walk, clear the mind, get fresh air and generally enjoying life again. Gone are the days when you were angry, and grumpy because you were so annoyed deep down that you had allowed the weight to creep on. Suddenly people are noticing how fantastic you look and commenting on your amazing weight loss. I think nothing beings a smile to a face better than a lovely compliment. If you want to improve the direction of your health and weight, join Slim R Us online. There are some great Special Offers during the month of August. Change your life for as little from €3.75 for a 6-month membership, it is less than the price of most coffees.

Feel great with success

I always conclude the Blog with my recipe choice of the week. This week it is a Tomato & Red Pepper Fritatta. I hope you enjoy it!

Tomator and Red Pepper Fritatta

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