Proud of weight loss

How to stop binge eating and loss weight and Being Proud of weight loss

Proud of weight loss and celebrate every single ounce lost!

Celebrate weight loss.

Every day is a day to celebrate weight loss. It doesn’t have to involve parades and fireworks, though at times, it feels like it!

I don’t think many of my blogs have been entirely focussed on celebrating weight loss. I often talk about having treats with the added reminder that a treat is only a treat – when it is a treat! After that, it is a habit!

Happiness is losing weight

Quick noodle lunch to be proud of your weight lossfrom Slim R Us

Proud of weight loss and celebrate it with joy. Celebrations always centre around the dining table. Food is a huge part of every happy event the world over and in Slim R Us, we celebrate the same as everyone else!

Think positive weight loss

Be positive about your lifestyle and proud of your weight loss. “Ask not what your diet can do for you – ask what you can do for your diet” I must confess, I sometimes replace the word ‘country’ with ‘diet’! Making smart choices is the basis of the Slim R Us success. I am a firm believer in having treats and losing weight at the same time. If you cut everything you love out of your life, your long term weight loss goal can easily fall apart after just a couple of weeks. Feel miserable and deprived of treats is old school weight loss ideas. So, allow yourself a couple of small indulgences each week. In Slim R Us, we call those Pleasures!

Positive motivation

Celebrating and proud of your weight loss

Don’t confuse celebrating and being proud of your weight loss with having your treats as you go along. I see those as two separate entities! The most common treat people ask me about is take-away food. The Friday night treat. This is where making smart choices really matter. Simple adjustments can make a difference. Ask for curry sauce on the side and opt for boiled rice instead of fried rice. A sugar-free drink instead of a regular drink can also make a difference!

Be positive and celebrate

  1. Have some ‘me time’ to be proud of your weight loss. Take an afternoon or evening to yourself.

  2. Treat yourself to something you wouldn’t normally buy.

  3. Actually challenge yourself to increasing your activity!

  4. Invest in a nice new item of clothing. It doesn’t have to be expensive designer wear!

  5. Book a hair appointment – does anything feel as good!

  6. Download some great music.

  7. A nice massage to free all that pent-up tension!

  8. Plan a family meal with a delicious treat!

Reward for losing weight

Celebrate and be proud of your weight loss

Some people don’t like to use the word reward, however I think we have to have some word to celebrate our commitment and success, and reward is as good a word as any. Remember, being proud of your weight loss journey is your business. You celebrate your success however you wish to, and bear in mind nothing is determined in a book or written in stone about how you should do this! I can only speak personally here, but I love cooking and everything in our home centres around the dining table with family and friends.


Joy of weight loss in 2022

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