Valentines Salmon Starter Recipe

Valentines Salmon Starter Recipe using smoked salmon, served with Avocado Salsa and Prawns.  

Valentines Love Finger Food

Valentines Love Finger Food with these baby back ribs seasoned with a dry rub.

Season of Love Mussels in Wine

Season of Love Mussels in Wine and Garlic Broth. When deciding on serving mussels, here are a few tips. Buy from a reputable fishmonger. They are ‘live’ when you buy them. When you get home, remove the packaging /net If any of them are open, just tap them & they close straight away. Discard any...

Turkey Curry

Turkey Curry with vegetable savoury rice for a healthier choice.

Romantic Valentines Day Snack Recipe

Romantic Valentines Day Snack Recipe can be made at the last minute!   These asparagus tips can be steamed in a hurry – but for a really special occasion, roasted in the oven!

Love Healthy Snacks

Love Healthy Snacks with this simple fingerfood!

Herb Crusted Pork Recipe

Herb Crusted Pork Recipe served with vegetables and mashed potato.

Bacon Loin Ribs Dinner

Bacon Loin Ribs Dinner with Balsamic Glaze and vegetables. Seasoned with Cajun and baked for a healthy dinner.

Couscous Breaded Fish

Couscous Breaded Fish oven baked. Seasoned with garlic salt, ground black pepper and lemon pepper seasoning.